Zulhas opens his voice about the price of eggs soaring: in Jatinegara it’s Rp. 30,000

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Minister of Trade Zulkifli Hasan finally open the question sound egg price that skyrockets.

According to the National Strategic Food Price Information Center (PIHPS), this Friday (19/5), the average price of purebred chicken eggs reached IDR 31,700 per kg, an increase of IDR 1,300 from the previous day.

The highest egg price is in Maluku at IDR 40,000 per kg. Followed by West Papua for IDR 38,050 per kg and Papua IDR 37,100 per kg.

Meanwhile, the price of eggs in DKI Jakarta was IDR 32,350 per kg, West Java IDR 32,200 per kg, and Central Java IDR 32 thousand per kg.

However, Zulkifli assesses the price of eggs is still under control. He even said the price of eggs at the Jatinegara Market, Jakarta, was still IDR 30,000 per kg.

“In Jatinegara Rp. 30 thousand,” he said at the Office of the Ministry of Trade (Kemendag).

However, he did not deny that the price of eggs in eastern Indonesia was quite expensive. According to Zulkifli this happened because it was influenced by the distribution process.

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“In eastern Indonesia, maybe because of the distribution, we’ll check it first,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Central Leadership Council of the Indonesian Market Traders Association (DPP IKAPPI) said the increase in egg prices was triggered by two factors, namely production and distribution.

Secretary General of DPP IKAPPI Reynaldi Sarijowan explained that production factors are related to high feed prices.

“Second, the distribution process is not in accordance with the customs that are usually distributed to the market,” he said in an official statement, Thursday (18/5).

According to Reynaldi, many parties make distribution or requests outside the market. This action causes supply And demand disrupted the market, and made the price of eggs continue to skyrocket.

The IKAPPI DPP noted that there were quite high requests in a number of agencies, institutions, elements or individuals. This demand disrupts the flow of supply in the market. However, they did not specify which institutions or agencies often request delivery of eggs outside the market.

Reynaldi then hopes that the government will immediately take action to anticipate price increases.

“We hope that the government can make efforts and anticipate that the increase in egg prices will not continue to rise,” he added.


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