Wow! Pandeglang Regent Has 112 Properties & Billions of Money

Jakarta, – The Regent of Pandeglang, Irna Narulita suddenly went viral because her total wealth increased by IDR 15 billion in two years.

Based on information in the State Officials Wealth Report (LHKPN), which was reported by Irna in February 2023, Irna’s total wealth is IDR 62.5 billion.

reported secondIrna claims that the increase in her assets was due to an increase in the sale value of the tax object (NJOP) of her land assets. Irna also said that there was no increase in assets at all.

As is known, most of the assets owned by Irna are property assets. Following are the facts regarding Irna’s wealth as listed in the latest LHKPN.

Has 112 property assets mostly in Serang & Pandeglang

In the last lHKPN, Irna was recorded as having 112 property assets, most of which were located in Pandeglang and Serang. Some of them are also in West Jakarta and Sleman, Central Java.

The current value of Irna’s property assets is IDR 60.6 billion.

From the LHKPN, Irna does not own any assets in the form of securities. If indeed all of Irna’s property assets are intended for investment, then Irna’s total investment assets are 96.9% of her net worth.

Through the eyes of financial planning, investment assets that are that big are declared healthy, but indicators of financial health certainly cannot be seen from investment assets alone.

Only have 1 motorbike & no debt

Based on the LHKPN, the Pandeglang Regent was recorded as having a means of transportation in the form of a Honda motorcycle issued in 2008 which costs Rp. 2.7 million.

Unfortunately, Irna did not specify the type of Honda motorbike owned by Irna.

Irna is also recorded as having no debt, therefore her total assets can be said to be the same as her total net worth.

Small amount of savings

Irna’s total current assets, namely cash and cash equivalents, are IDR 1.39 billion. Even though the amount has entered billions of Rupiah, if assessed in financial planning, Irna’s current assets, which are only equivalent to 2.2% of her net worth, are declared unhealthy.

This is because the ideal number of financial assets is at least 15-20% of total net worth.

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