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Jakarta, Armfalcon.com – THR or Hari Raya Allowance is additional income earned within a certain period of time. During Eid, THR is generally used for consumptive needs. In fact, in order to achieve financial stability, THR can be used for investment, for example, such as investing in Money Market Mutual Funds

By investing, the financial independence that you have will be realized more quickly. But of course we cannot invest carelessly, bearing in mind that in recent times a number of fraudulent investments have appeared quite a lot.

The following investment options can be used as a reference, including:

1 Deposit

Deposits are a type of instrument that is often used by many people. This investment has a method similar to saving. The difference is, the benefits are much greater.

When making a deposit, you must keep a certain amount of money in the bank for a predetermined time limit. This time limit can be several months to several years.

Even so, you may not take savings before maturity. If you take the savings, you will be fined.

Interest rates on deposits are generally higher than interest on savings in general. Interest rates are given at 5 to 6 percent per year.

2 Gold

Another instrument that can be used as an option is gold. Gold has been well-known among the people for a long time because of its stable value and continues to increase over time. Not only that, gold has high liquidity so it can be disbursed at any time when funds are needed.

If you want to invest in gold, it’s better to choose gold bullion. Gold bullion is different from gold jewelry, because it is purely judged by its weight. You can even buy gold in digital form now.

3 Share

One of the interesting instruments used as an option is stocks. Shares are proof of ownership of the company’s value or proof of equity participation. When viewed simply, when you own shares of a company, you can be said to be the owner of that company.

You can get the benefits of this investment in two ways, namely dividends and capital gains. Dividends are taken from returns that the company gets.

However, it should be noted that not all companies distribute dividends to their investors.

4 mutual funds

The investment portfolio in this instrument has been managed by experienced Investment Managers. In this investment, a number of investors are gathered together and invested in instruments that are in the capital market.

There are several types of Mutual Funds to choose from, such as Stock Mutual Funds, Fixed Income, Mixed, Fixed Income.

Money Market Mutual Funds are a type of investment with a portfolio consisting of a number of short-term asset instruments and have a maturity of less than one year.

How to Maximize THR for Investment

In order to maximize THR for investing, here are some tips that can be done, including:

– Manage Financial Plans Well

If you already know the amount of THR that will be received, you can start calculating and recording the various expenses needed. Then, make an urgent priority scale and vice versa. You can start from the need to share THR, zakat, and homecoming expenses.

– Pay Various Bills

Bills are also something to think about when receiving THR income. In order not to add to the burden on your mind, set aside the THR money earned to make bill payments.

Especially if you want to buy goods. Before buying things on a whim, be sure to remember to pay the entire bill.

– Don’t Forget to Share

Alms is also a thing to do. This is even an obligation that must be fulfilled. Mainly with the form of zakat fitrah. Therefore, allocate alms in your expenses.

– Enter Investments into Spending Plans

From the amount of the planned expenditure that has been made, determine the amount of THR that will be allocated for investment. Generally, people will allocate 10% of their THR funds for investment.

If you don’t go home, you can increase your investment portion from 30 to 40 percent. The thing to remember is to separate investment funds and emergency funds.

In difficult times like today, you still need an emergency fund. So, don’t invest but don’t have an emergency fund.

– Avoid Consumptive

THR is synonymous with buying clothes and new items. However, you can avoid this behavior by allocating THR to invest. Allocate a number of funds that are generally used to buy new items, to investment funds that are useful for the future.

– Learn the Instruments to Be Selected

A number of investment instruments basically have their own characteristics. You can learn investment instruments first by reading books, then starting analysis until taking online classes.

Not only the characteristics, but the risks. There is nothing wrong with choosing an investment that has a low risk.

– Choose One Investment Instrument

If you already know a number of investment instruments, you must believe in one of the instruments to get started. When you choose stocks, choose issuers with good fundamentals. To find out, you can do some fundamental analysis.

The Right Place to Invest in Money Market Mutual Funds

Money Market Mutual Funds are a wise solution to divert your THR funds to make them more useful. In addition to choosing an investment that has attractive advantages as an option, make sure the place you use as an investment vehicle is also right.

If you are confused about which place is right, you can become a DBS Treasures priority banking customer.

Following are a number of advantages possessed by DBS Treasures, including:

  1. Investment management is carried out by those who are professionals in their field. Leading Investment Managers will manage your investments and optimize product performance.
  2. Provides curated insights to guide you in investing. Supported by a team of financial experts who communicate market analysis and the latest opportunities that have been adjusted to the risk profile and needs of the customer’s portfolio, driven by Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI-ML). Insights is equipped with curated solutions related to investment (grow) and insurance (protect), so you can quickly and confidently invest through the media according to your preferences.
  3. Reducing risk by diversifying. Diversify your spread of funds across different types of investment assets to reduce risk.

With these advantages, what are you waiting for? Get attractive returns from your Money Market Mutual Fund investment with DBS Treasures. See complete information at https://www.dbs.id/id/treasures-id/investasi/apa-itu-reksadana-dan-saham.

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