Wife Hobbies Flexing Luxury Bags, It Turns Out She Only Has Little Savings

Jakarta, Reportase – Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Riau Province SF Hariyanto suddenly went viral after his wife’s flexing action named Adrias became the spotlight on social media.

As is well known, according to information in the 2021 State Officials Wealth Report (LHKPN), SF Hariyanto himself has pocketed a wealth of Rp. 9.7 billion.

Adrias often shows off his vacation moments abroad and wears luxury branded accessories, such as Hermes bags, Brompton bike rides, and others.

Hariyanto also made clarifications to the Riau local media by saying that all the luxury bags and shoes that his wife owned were fake alias KW.

“I’m also sad about this bag. They saw this paired with a total of IDR 420 million, even though it was only IDR 2-5 million bought at ITC Mangga Dua in Jakarta,” said Anto at the official residence while showing the viral bags, as quoted detikSumut (20/3).

However, shortly after the news appeared, the Partaisocmed Twitter account immediately uploaded photos and videos on the Tiktok account of SF Hariyanto’s daughter, Riskia Amelia, who also often shows off luxury bags. Riskia was even seen visiting branded goods outlets at Pacific Place Mall.

Based on the information in the latest LHKPN, the man who is often called Anto has a net worth of IDR 9.7 billion. Following are details of the assets belonging to the Secretary of Riau.

As much as 87% of his wealth is property assets

SF Hariyanto has property assets worth IDR 8.7 billion, seven of which are in Pekanbaru. Meanwhile, the most expensive property assets in the form of land and buildings worth IDR 3.8 billion are in the South Tangerang area.

If these property assets are purchased for investment, then the ratio of investment assets to SF Hariyanto’s net worth can be said to be financially sound, because the more investment assets, the more capable a person is in doubling wealth in the future.

As for the assets in the form of vehicles owned by Anto, namely Honda Pantom, Toyota Vellfire, Toyota Harrier and Toyota Fortuner, all of these vehicles are valued at IDR 845 million.

No debt but savings of only IDR 100 million

Even though he has no debt, one thing that is quite striking in the information on SF Hariyanto’s LHKPN is that his current assets are only 1.5% of his total wealth. In the 2021 LHKPN, it is recorded that the total cash and cash equivalents owned by SF Hariyanto are IDR 154 million.

In financial planning, it is highly recommended for someone to have current assets equivalent to at least 15% of their net worth.

The amount of current assets that is too small can actually cause problems if the person concerned is facing an emergency situation. This can make him liquidate or sell existing investment assets, or be forced into debt.

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