Vice President: Tighten Supervision of Charity Box QRIS

Remaining torn fake QRIS stickers in the name of the restoration of the mosque at the Nurul Iman Mosque, Blok M Square, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta, Monday (10/4/2023). According to the mosque management, around 20 fake QRIS stickers have been installed at the Nurul Iman Mosque Blok M Square, which have been affixed to the boxes and walls of the mosque since Thursday (6/4/2023)., BANJARMASIN — Vice President Ma’ruf Amin instructed to tighten supervision of charity boxes using the Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard (QRIS) payment method. This follows the findings of cases of fraudulent mode of replacing barcode stickers or fake QRIS charity boxes in several Jakarta mosques, one of which is the Istiqlal Mosque.

“First, of course, from the QRIS owners of the mosques, Istiqlal or whoever he must continue to control so that no one abuses it,” said Kiai Ma’ruf in his press statement to reporters after opening the 2023 South Kalimantan National Halal Fair in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Tuesday (11/4/2023).

The Vice President also asked parties who have supervisory authority, one of which is Bank Indonesia, to create security for the QRIS system. This is because the occurrence of the QRIS charity box fraud case under the guise of changing the barcode code indicates that there is a weakness in the QRIS security system.

“If it’s like now it means right less secure even though we want to provide better service. This means that service innovation is easier, better, but there is a risk that it turns out that it can be replaced by (persons),” he said.

Therefore, he requested that all parties who have authority, both mosque owners and Bank Indonesia, tighten supervision on the QRIS charity box.

“The authorities must create (safeguards) that will endanger the owner of the QRIS,” he said.

Fraud perpetrators of the replacement mode of fake barcodes or Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard (QRIS) in charity boxes have occurred in mosques in Jakarta. One of them, there are 50 fake charity box QRIS stickers at the Istiqlal Mosque, Central Jakarta.

“The attachment was discovered about three days ago. One of our officers was suspicious. How come there is an inscription on the restoration of the mosque,” said Deputy Chairperson of the Istiqlal Mosque Worship Organization, Abu Hurairah when contacted by the media crew, Monday (10/4/2023).

Then the management immediately removed the dozens of QRIS code stickers for the fake charity box. Then the evidence was handed over to the bank listed in the QRIS code for investigation.

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