Use this method, your infaq is safe from QRIS fraudsters at the mosque

Jakarta, – The case of pasting the QR Code QRIS in the South Jakarta mosque’s charity box has gone viral recently. This was because the QRIS that the mysterious man had attached led to a private account.

As is known, the action of this mysterious man went viral after being caught on camera and spread on social media. The police have also revealed the name of M Imam Mahlil Lubis as a suspect in this fraud.

The police stated that this crime mode was a new mode by taking or trying to imitate the barcode on the charity box at the place of worship.

Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard or commonly called QRIS is a standardization of payment via QR Code for various payments, both e-wallets and banks. QRIS itself has been used since January 1, 2020.

The presence of QRIS in the mosque’s charity box can certainly facilitate the charity activities of the congregation, especially those who do not carry cash.

But thanks to this incident, it is possible for someone to be reluctant to give alms by setting aside money in the mosque’s charity box.

In fact, infaq funds to mosques can be very useful for the benefit of the mosque which is used every day for worship, as well as carrying out other positive activities.

Here are tips for safe alms in the mosque.

Be careful if there is a QRIS code

If there is a QR code on the charity box, make sure that the code is not a patch or sticker. When the code looks like a patch, then you should be suspicious.

You can of course confirm this to the mosque manager regarding the authenticity of the QR code in the mosque’s charity box.

When you scan it, make sure that the link that appears is the official link from the creator of QRIS. The name of the designated account number will also appear there and you can certainly suspect if the name listed is the name of a private person.

Transfer directly to the mosque’s account

The manual infaq option to the charity box can certainly help you not to hesitate in donating money to the mosque. However, with technological developments in the financial sector, not a few people decide not to carry paper or metal money for the sake of practicality.

Apart from going through QRIS, you can also directly transfer the money in your account to the account belonging to the mosque in question.

You can request a mosque account number directly from the mosque manager directly. With that, the funds you send will definitely go into the mosque’s account.

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