UMR Salary Get THR? This is your shopping limit for Eid

Jakarta, – As previously explained, the holiday allowance (THR) is like extra money that you get in the middle of the month. But for workers with a salary equivalent to the UMR, the management of THR is of course different.

Let’s just say, a person’s salary is equivalent to the Jakarta UMP, which is IDR 4.9 million. When they receive THR which is equivalent to one salary, then in a month they will pocket IDR 9.8 million.

THR, of course, will feel like shock money for everyone, including those who have a UMR salary. However, be aware that for those who pay the UMR, a large consumption boost can make the THR funds evaporate in a relatively short time.

The following are tips for taking advantage of THR for those who are paid UMR.

Use only 50% of the total THR for Ramadan needs

Enough is not enough, use 50% of your total THR for needs ahead of Ramadan and leave half for saving or investing.

One important thing that must be known regarding THR for those who pay the UMR is to prioritize leaving THR money for savings or investment purposes. Because it’s quite unfortunate if you can’t take advantage of this moment to do that.

If the person in question is married, 50% of THR can be used to add to an emergency fund, buy life insurance if you don’t have one, or invest.

Use 20% for Ramadan needs & invest the rest

This method is more appropriate for those who pay the minimum wage and are single and still live with their parents.

Instead of using 50% for consumptive needs, just allocate a maximum of 20% of THR for consumptive things (shopping and distributing THR to relatives). Meanwhile, you use the remaining IDR 3.9 million to invest.

The purpose of this method is none other than because it is rare for those with a minimum wage to be able to allocate large amounts of money to invest.

Invest in instruments you understand for the long term.

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