Transmart Full Day Sale, Mothers Directly Wholesale Cheap Meat


Mothers immediately bought up meat beef and chicken in Transmart Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta, at exactly 10.00 WIB when the Full Day Sale officially opens today.

Dian, a Transmart customer, said that he got today’s discount information from social media. He immediately went to Transmart to buy meat.

“Alhamdulillah, it’s delicious, I’m a mother so I’m after a discount. It’s still expensive at the market,” she told, Saturday (15/4).

“I bought beef and chicken, two each. So it’s cheaper to use a Bank Mega credit card,” said Dian.

Apart from beef and chicken, Dian said she would buy other items that get discounts at the Transmart Full Day Sale. The reason is, the discount only applies today from 10.00 to 00.00.

Not only Dian, there was also Heri who said he deliberately came to the Cempaka Putih Transmart to chase the Full Day Sale discount. Moreover, he didn’t have time to take part in the Transmart Midnight Sale event the other day.

“So it’s cheaper. I’m taking my wife to buy meat. The plan is to buy a lot at the same time, because I’m about to celebrate Eid. So, lots of it, No back and forth while there is a discount,” said Heri.

Heri admitted that he regularly shopped at Transmart Cempaka Putih. Usually he and his wife buy weekly necessities.

Apart from meat, Heri said he would buy syrup and tin cakes to prepare for Eid 2023. He bought goods at Transmart using a Bank Mega credit card.

Beef and chicken are bought up by the public at the Transmart Full Day Sale. This is because the price of beef was discounted by IDR 26,000 from IDR 130,000 per kg to IDR 104 per kg. Meanwhile, chicken meat is sold for only IDR 21,520 per head, down from IDR 26,900.


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