Top Up ShopeePay Using DIGI by bank bjb! Check Prizes

Jakarta, – PT Regional Development Bank West Java and Banten Tbk (BJBR) or bank bjb presents various attractive promos with a myriad of benefits for customers this year. Among them are promos racing top up ShopeePay with a total prize of tens of millions of rupiah.

Promo racing top up ShopeePay applies to all bank bjb customers who use DIGI by bank bjb services. The method is easy, as many customers can top up ShopeePay via DIGI during the promo period, namely April 19-July 19 2023.

Later, bank bjb will choose 10 winners with frequency top up highest. minimum frequency top up is 30 transactions during the program period.

Bank bjb provides a total prize of IDR 13,750,000 for 10 winners who have a frequency top up The highest ShopeePay through DIGI by bank bjb.

The selected customer will receive a prize in the form of cash which will be sent to the bank bjb account registered with DIGI by bank bjb. The transfer process will be carried out a maximum of 14 working days.

Data withdrawal will be made after the promo program ends. Announcement of winners will be informed via bank bjb social media and bank bjb website.

For more information, customers can visit these links. What are you waiting for? Come on soon top up Your ShopeePay via DIGI by bank bjb as much as possible!

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