Today’s Powered Compact Crypto Prices


Prices of most assets crypto the top rallied in the last 24 hours.

Quoting, Wednesday (26/4), the price of bitcoin shot up 3.6 percent to a level of US $ 28,384 per chip. Despite strengthening, in the last week the crypto asset with the greatest value actually weakened 6.04 percent.

The strengthening was followed by cardano which shot 3.65 percent to as low as US$0.3954. However, on a weekly basis cardano still fell 9.47 percent.

In the next position there is solana which strengthened 3.79 percent to a level of US $ 21.83 per chip. However, solana still weakened 11.72 percent.

This strengthening was followed by a number of other cryptocurrencies such as ethereum, BNB and XRP.

For ethereum strengthened 2.08 percent. Meanwhile, BNB gained 2.32 percent and XRP 2.30 percent.

Crypto is still banned as a means of payment in Indonesia. However, crypto is a futures exchange commodity, so it doesn’t matter as long as it is used as an investment or a commodity traded by market participants.

Crypto money is regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (Bappebti) of the Ministry of Trade through CoFTRA Regulation No. 2 of 2019 concerning the Organization of Physical Commodity Markets on Futures Exchanges.

In addition, crypto rules are also listed in CoFTRA Regulation Number 8 of 2021 concerning Guidelines for Organizing Crypto Asset Physical Market Trading on Futures Exchanges.

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