Time to Meet People Carrying Pistols?

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Minister of BUMN Erick Thohir raise your voice about the news director of BUMN carrying a gun at Makassar’s Sultan Hasanudin Airport, South Sulawesi.

He will study the findings in the field first before determining the follow-up. It is possible that there will be strict sanctions if the BUMN president who is suspected of having the initials HW carries a firearm.

“Surely dong (there are strict sanctions), if there is black on white. The minister doesn’t even carry a gun, when do you want to meet the people bring a gun? Meeting the people must serve. If a water gun can make fun of it, it will be fresh,” said Erick in Jakarta, Wednesday (19/4).

Erick admitted that he had not heard about the gun belonging to the BUMN CEO with the initials HW going off in Makassar.

“I have to study it first because there is no written report yet. But if I as a minister don’t carry a gun, we really come to the people to scare them, no. We should have to serve the people.

He also admitted to being surprised because he had never pocketed a firearm.

“Shouldn’t the (BUMN director) be allowed to (carry a gun). As a minister, I have never carried a gun,” he said.

The gun belonging to a main director of a State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) with the initials HW previously exploded at Sultan Hasanuddin Airport, South Sulawesi, Monday (17/4).

This incident was confirmed by the Head of Public Relations of the South Sulawesi Regional Police Kombes Komang Suartana. He said the incident occurred around 07.45 WIB.

“It’s true (there was an incident),” said Komang when confirmed.

Komang also said that the local police had conducted an examination of the person concerned. Based on the documents, the gun actually belonged to him.

“The airport police have checked the documents, the weapons are indeed the property of those concerned,” he said.

Furthermore, Komang also said that the SOE president director with the initials HW was not secured and only asked for information.

“It was not secured because the information requested for the gun documents was in accordance with ownership,” he said.

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