Three Million Passengers Use the Jabodetabek KRL during the Eid Period


Vice President of PT KAI Commuter Anne Purba revealed a surge in passengers KRL Jabodetabek during the homecoming period Eid 2023 reached three million people, soaring 20 percent from the previous year.

“We are currently seeing an increase of 17-20 percent from the previous Eid, because there were still restrictions on the previous Eid,” he told reporters at Kota Station, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (25/4).

He explained that currently PT KAI carries out nearly 1,100 trips every day, while the total passengers transported at the Eid moment are around three million passengers.

“So during Eid transportation since the 19th, we have transported more than 3 million people,” said Anne.

He explained that on the first and second days after Eid, the KRL carried more than one million passengers, with destinations including Jakarta City and Bogor.

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“This means that community mobilization, either for friendly visits or visiting areas such as Jakarta Kota, Bogor, has indeed increased,” he said.

He explained that Cikarang, Bekasi and Bogor experienced an increase in passenger volume after the joint leave period.

“For Jakarta, Kota itself has served more than 100,000 people per day since Idul Fitri. Because now Jakarta Kota is one of the destination stations. It is included in the top 10 with the highest volume of destinations in Jabodetabek,” he said.



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