This Old Gold Is Cheaper and Can Earn Even More!

Jakarta, – Retro Precious Metals or what is often referred to as Retro Gold, is a precious metal that is produced by PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (Antam). However, this precious metal is an older product which was last produced in 2018.

One feature of Retro Gold is its casing which is made of thick mica plastic. This gold can be grasped immediately because the plastic can be opened and closed.

As is known, the selling price of Retro Gold is also priced cheaper than the latest gold, or what is often referred to as Certi Gold.

The way to measure the profit of investing in gold is through a comparison of the purchase price and the buyback. When the difference between the purchase price and the buyback is high enough, it can be said that it will take longer for you to return on investment or profit from the investment.

So can Retro Gold, which has the cheapest price, be said to have a quick return on investment? Here are the reviews.

Buy & sell Retro Gold at Pawnshops Faster Cash?

Table: CNBC Research Team, Data: Gallery24

Based on data compiled by Research on the Galeri 24 website, the spread value (difference between the purchase price and the buyback) for Retro Gold is smaller than Antam’s latest Gold release. However, it is still higher than the gold from Galeri 24, which is none other than a subsidiary of PT Pegadaian Persero.

The thing that makes Antam’s newest gold spread high is the high purchase price. It is highly recommended for those of you who are interested in buying the latest Antam Precious Metals to buy it only at the Antam Gold Boutique, rather than at Galeri 24.

As stated on the site Logammulia.comthe base price of Antam’s latest gold release is the same as the Retro Gold price at Galeri 24.

Meanwhile, for Retro Gold, Pegadaian Gold Boutique also sells at a lower price, Rp. 1,059,000 for 1 gram. Of course, with this price comparison, the price of Retro Gold is still above the price of 1 gram of Pegadaian Gold or Galeri 24 Gold.

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