This is the way to make your family happy from your THR

Jakarta, – Making the family happy in the form of treating an iftar meal together, buying gifts, and others with holiday allowance money (THR) is certainly a ritual that the breadwinners always do every year.

But what is the ideal amount of THR that can be set aside for this one expense?

There is happiness in itself behind seeing family members happy because of what we do. However, without careful calculations, the entire THR could simply be used up without any residue.

If you still want to use THR for investment or saving, then you must limit this one expenditure.

However, if it is felt that limiting expenses is still difficult, just apply this method of managing finances.

Pay Yourself First Method

In this method, you are required to spend money on savings and investment first before you spend it on consumptive needs.

For example, in a month your total income and THR is IDR 20 million. Before you use it to pay for daily needs, you can allocate IDR 6 million or 30% of the total income to save and invest first.

With this method, you can spend the remaining THR money to make all family members happy. It could be by treating them to meals, buying them the things they like, sharing money in the form of THR, and so on.

But know that if you want to use this method, don’t hesitate to spend more money on investing.

Focus on what are your short and long term goals. Or if you yourself don’t know where to allocate your funds to invest, put it in a money market mutual fund first.

Starting from now, when the THR has fallen, you can immediately plan this.

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