This is the newest BJB Bank SMS Banking Number, BANDUNG — PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Barat and Banten Tbk (Bank BJB) confirmed the change in SMS service number for Bank BJB, from previously 3373 to 83373. Meanwhile, the access code still uses *141*373#.

Changes to Bank BJB SMS service numbers are contained in the Letter of the Minister of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia Directorate General of Post and Informatics Operations number 091/TEL.05.05/2022 concerning Determination of Short Message Access Codes for Non-Content Services.

“That the BJB Bank SMS service number which was originally at number 3373, has changed to 83373. The USSD/UMB Access Code has not changed, it still uses *141*373#,” said the Division Head Corporate Secretary Bank BJB Widi Hartoto in a press release, Saturday (29/4/2023).

Service bjb SMS really helps customers make various transactions anywhere and anytime via short messages. Along with the development of technology and the rapid internet network, the SMS method does seem out of date.

However, in fact, SMS banking is still very popular with customers. bjb SMS banking can reach customers who live in areas where internet signals are not yet supported or the signal speed is still low.

That is why, bjb SMS banking can be the best solution for making various banking transactions easily. Starting from transfers, paying bills, checking balance info, buying credit, and all other services can be operated via cellphone without having to come to an ATM or Bank BJB branch office.

Service bjb SMS opens easy access to banking transactions via HP SMS messages anywhere and anytime. The features offered bjb SMS is enough to meet the needs of banking transactions via HP.

There are four main features in the service bjb SMS, among others:

  1. Information (balance);
  2. Transfers (between accounts bjbto another bank account);
  3. Administration (activation bjb SMS, change PIN bjb SMS, registration and deactivation bjb SMS notification);
  4. Payments & purchases (top-up credit, postpaid bills, PAM, tickets, credit cards, TV subscription, internet, education, multi-payment/e-commerce).

To transfer to a bank account bjb and other bank accounts, the transfer limit set is also not inferior to transfer services from other banks. Check transfer limit setting bjb the following texts:

  1. Transfer to other banks: nominal transaction limit of IDR 25,000,000, transaction frequency limit of 10 times/day.
  2. Interbank transfer bjb: a nominal transaction limit of IDR 100,000,000, a transaction frequency limit of 10 times/day.
  3. Payment: unlimited nominal and transaction frequency.

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