This is Buya Hamka’s advice for those who are ashamed to look like they are not rich

Jakarta, – Indonesian scholars, philosophers and writers, Prof. Dr. H. Abdul Malik Karim Amrullah or Buya Hamka, apparently once discussed matters related to a sense of prestige because he does not feel rich, in his book entitled Philosophy of Life. Prestige is what ultimately makes a person’s finances fall apart.

“There are people who are embarrassed because their house furnishings are not as many as those of people who live next door to their house, then they add to their house furnishings by taking on debt. Incidentally making debt is very easy. What’s more, clever merchants, as long as they sell their goods, make promises easier, persuasion takes longer than the main road. Later if the debt is late to pay, he will come, tomorrow he will come, the day after tomorrow he will come. Sometimes he deliberately shows it to others, his mouth is hard, we have to be soft. The people next door know. What is greater to be ashamed of being suffocated by debtors, than to be ashamed of a lack of furniture.” so wrote Buya Hamka in a book called Philosophy of Life.

This advice is certainly in line with the pearl of wisdom from Canadian politician Norm Kelly which is often popularized in financial planning content. Kelly said that you don’t have to be poor to look like a rich person.

Being rich in wealth and looking rich are certainly different things. Everyone, can look rich in the eyes of others, even though he is not a real rich person.

In the book Philosophy of Life, Buya Hamka also provides tips so that we don’t get stuck in consumer debt which can eventually damage our financial condition.

Do not bigger pegs than poles

“On the contrary, is content with what is available, measuring clothes on one’s own body, not exceeding the strength that can be carried, the safest way to please the heart, broadening the mind for the age to come. People who are used to living simply, do not feel awkward and nervous and not afraid of falling into the danger of rent and embezzlement debt.

The writing above certainly teaches us to choose a lifestyle that fits our income. Because when we live with the concept of a bigger stake than a pillar (expenses exceed income), it’s very easy for us to fall into debt.

It’s no secret that by getting used to living simply, we will become calmer and happier people. This is because people who are used to living simply will not feel jealous and like to compare their possessions with those of others.

“A man or woman who is simple in his household, will not grow jealousy seeing the advantages of other people. Because wealth and sufficiency are essentially not in possessions, but in the heart.”

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