This Crypto Platform Gives 9,000 USDT Referral Bonus, Interesting?

Jakarta, – Bitget, a copy trading and crypto derivatives platform announced the launch of its newest referral program, which offers users up to 9,000 USDT in rewards when they invite friends to the newly upgraded Bitget platform.

Bitget has revamped its website and service to provide an enhanced user experience with features that make the thriving crypto world more accessible. The new referral program allows existing users to earn bonuses as well as fees when inviting new users to discover Bitget’s benefits.

With each friend invited and when the target is reached, the inviter can earn up to 9,000 USDT. The program offers prizes in various tiers, including:

100 USDT Coupon for 50% trading fee discount when new invitee’s net deposit reaches 50 USDT in 30 days. Coupons are limited to 100 USDT.

•The value of Mystery Boxes can be up to 500 USDT, which can be obtained from higher volume targets.

New referral rules: Complete the deposit task to get 100 USDT coupon immediately. Get Mystery City for any trade type as long as the volume target is met.

“We aim to spread the word about crypto opportunities and our latest features help users earn rewards every step of the way,” said Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget.

“Because our mission is to inspire people to embrace cryptocurrencies through education and community. We are taking a different approach to inviting more people to join and enabling crypto-lovers to earn while supporting our vision of building a financial future.”

In addition to enhancing its platform and referral program, as well as enhancing products and services, Bitget is also launching a new feature, Super Airdrop, for its platform token, BGB. Through this new feature, eligible BGB holders will receive an airdrop for every new crypto asset

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