This BPJS Boss’ Speech Can Calm Hospitals, How come?

Jakarta, – BPJS Kesehatan Director Ali Ghufron Mukti requested that hospitals and health facilities wishing to cooperate with BPJS Kesehatan did not have to worry about their financial condition. This is because BPJS Health is currently in a surplus condition, by the end of 2022 its net assets will reach IDR 56.51 trillion.

Ghufron said that the net assets of the social security fund (DJS) were in good health because they could finance the estimated payment of claims for the next 5.98 months. This is in accordance with Government Regulation Number 84 of 2015, where DJS assets are said to be healthy if they meet estimated claim payments for at least the next 1.5 months, or at most the next 6 months.

“Indeed, what often becomes a problem is that people think 3-4 years or even the beginning of the BPJS which is indeed in a deficit and it is difficult to cooperate, even reluctantly, it is difficult again because we will think about DJS earlier,” he said in a meeting with the Commission’s opinion. IX DPR RI, Tuesday (4/4/2023).

“Now we are in a healthy position, when are we said to be healthy like the government regulation earlier, namely the estimated payment of 1.5 months of claims to 6 months of claims. So we are there, it has almost reached 6 months,” he added.

Thanks to these improving financial conditions, Ghufron said that there had been a very significant increase in cooperation between BPJS Kesehatan and health facilities last year. Ghufron reported that in 2022, BPJS Kesehatan has collaborated with 23,730 first level health facilities (faskes) and 2,963 hospitals (RS), of which 63% are private hospitals.

“Of course this health facility is very important, there were 23,730 who had collaborated from 2014, only around 18 thousand, the previous 1,681 hospitals, indeed at that time the hospital was a bit relatant. cooperation has even reached 2,963 hospitals that have collaborated with BPJS,” he explained.

To note, this is the second surplus condition that BPJS Kesehatan has experienced since it started operating in 2014. Previously, BPJS Kesehatan’s net assets in 2019 were a deficit of IDR 51 trillion. Meanwhile in 2020, net assets in 2020 were a deficit of IDR 5.69 trillion. Then its assets will only start to be healthy in 2021 which will reach IDR 38.7 trillion. And it will rise again in 2022 to reach IDR 56.51 trillion.

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