The World is Morat Marit Gegara US, Is Gold Investment Safe?

Jakarta, – The fall of several banks in the United States (US) brought panic on financial markets. Many people are confused, where will their capital be placed in order to remain safe from shocks and still be profitable.

The author of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki feels gold is the right choice of investment in the current situation.

“Two big banks have been destroyed, the third bank is just waiting for their turn. Buy gold, silver and (crypto) coins now, don’t buy ETFs (exchange traded funds). When the third bank collapses, the prices of gold and silver will rise. In 2008, I predicted the collapse of Lehman Brothers before the news was widely reported on CNN, if you want proof, visit RICH,” Kiyosaki said on his Twitter account on March 11, 2023.

The high interest rate of the United States Central Bank (The Fed) became one of the reasons for the collapse of the SVB. Currently, the Fed is faced with two choices, raise interest rates to reduce inflation or stop it because of the SVB.

As is known, many startup companies withdraw their deposits at SVB, because they have to stabilize the company’s financial health. As a result, SVB was short on capital, and they were forced to sell their bonds at a loss of US$ 1.8 billion.

It’s no secret that SVB’s collapse also resulted in a correction in the Jakarta Composite Index (JCI), so are Kiyosaki’s words worth considering? Here’s the review.

Gold is only suitable for the long term

The price of gold tends to rise when the country’s economy is experiencing uncertainty. However, be aware that this instrument is only suitable for the long term, given the large difference between the selling and buying prices.

When the economy grows, the performance of stock type assets will actually increase. The decline in stock prices that occurred today can certainly be a great opportunity for you to buy at a low price.

Diversification of gold and stocks can certainly give you a balance in return on investment both when the world economy is improving or vice versa.

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