The US Dollar is sluggish, the Rupiah is Muscular at the Level of IDR 14,569


Exchange rate rupiah opened at a position of Rp. 14,569 per US dollar in market trading spot on Thursday (4/5) morning. The Garuda currency strengthened 123 points or plus 0.84 percent compared to the previous day’s close.

On the same fate, Asian currencies strengthened. The Hong Kong dollar rose 0.02 percent, the Indian rupee added 0.06 percent, the Japanese yen grew 0.13 percent, the Singapore dollar rose 0.19 percent and the Malaysian ringgit strengthened 0.20 percent.

Then, the Chinese yuan strengthened 0.30 percent, the Philippine peso shot up 0.36 percent, the Thai baht rose 0.39 percent, and the South Korean won soared 0.84 percent.

The main currencies of developed countries also strengthened compactly. The British pound added 0.16 percent, the European euro strengthened 0.18 percent, the Swiss franc rose 0.14 percent, the Australian dollar added 0.05 percent and the Canadian dollar grew 0.07 percent.

DCFX Senior Analyst Lukman Leong projects that the rupiah will strengthen today. According to him, a positive signal was obtained from the results of the Fed’s FOMC.

“There was a weakening of the US dollar after the FOMC meeting of the Fed. Apart from that, continued support from the strong demand for SBN,” he told

He estimates that the rupiah will move in the range of Rp. 14,550 to Rp. 14,750 per US dollar today.

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