The Success Story of Salt Bae Chef, Twisted Tainty Even though He Didn’t Graduate from Elementary School

Jakarta, – Who doesn’t know with chefpreneur Salt Bae? This man whose real name is Nusret Gökçe is currently being discussed because many customers are dissatisfied with the behavior of his waiter.

Quoted from secondseveral employees at Salt Bae’s restaurant, Nusr-Et chose to resign due to work pressure.

Salt Bae, whose appearance is often eagerly awaited by restaurant guests, is said to often create a terrible atmosphere for his employees.

One bartender in Greece even once said that when you join as an employee of Salt Bae, you must be ready to be fired at any time.

Several other female workers also mentioned that there was a gender imbalance that made female workers demeaned, even considered unfit for higher positions.

Apart from that, some of them also reported acts of violence from co-workers or from Salt Bae himself.

Behind Gökçe’s success as a chefpreneurit turns out there is quite a sad story that will certainly surprise you.

The news that appears in the media at a glance creates a perception for us that there are similarities between the story of Salt Bae and the story of the chef character in the Netflix Hunger series which is quite popular.

Want to know more facts about Salt Bae? The following is a brief review, summarized from various sources.

Not completed in primary school

Gökçe was born in Erzurum, Türkiye, to an ethnic Kurdish family. This man who was born in 1983 was not born into an established family but quite the opposite. Reportedly, little Salt Bae was forced to quit school when he was in sixth grade.

Due to dropping out of school, Gökçe had to work as a butcher in a district in Istanbul.

Unfortunately, information about how Gökçe achieved success is rarely known to the public. However, stories about Gökçe’s wandering journey are indeed written on Wikipedia.

Based on information, Gökçe did migrate to Argentina and the United States between 2007 and 2010. There, he reportedly worked without pay at all.

The reason he did that was because he wanted to learn. Returning from the US and Argentina, he set up restaurants in Istanbul and soon in Dubai.

Viral because of the style of sowing salt to controversy

Salt Bae’s quirky style has become the talk of the media. Not only in the way of sprinkling salt, but also in terms of cutting meat.

Reportedly, the viral video waspost by the restaurant’s Twitter account. As a result, netizens reacted immediately, and that’s when people started to wonder about Gökçe.

This man’s name was immediately recognized among celebrities, politicians, and all the top people in the world.

Although often praised, Gökçe also often receives harsh criticism from several parties. The restaurant he manages is an upper middle class restaurant. The menu prices are of course very expensive.

In 2018, as a steak house, Nusr-Et earns a lot reviews negative. In fact, the reviews had appeared on New York Times.

Gökçe also received harsh criticism when Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro visited his restaurant to eat steak luxury when the country was hit by hyperinflation.

However, not all reviews are bad. The public also praised how entertaining the food was presented there.

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