The Story of a Village Boy’s Success in Establishing a Worldwide Burger Restaurant

Jakarta, – You may be familiar with Carls Jr. fast food restaurant. In Indonesia, this restaurant is managed by a Trakindo Group subsidiary. But this restaurant is actually a famous burger brand from the United States.

The founder of this fast food restaurant is Carl Nicholas Karcher, he died in 2008. Just like top restaurants in general, Carls Jr. It used to be just a small business that eventually became a giant.

Are you curious about Karcher’s journey to establishing this burger restaurant? Check out the story below.

1. In the past, Karcher was only an employee with a wage of US$ 18 a week

Carl Karcher was born in rural Ohio, his father was a local resident there while his mother was of German descent. You could say that the Karcher family is a family that is less secure from a financial standpoint

Karcher also moved to Anaheim, California, where his uncle opened a small business. The founder Carls Jr. This also worked for his uncle for three years with a salary of US $ 18 a week. After that he resigned because he chose to work in a bakery.

2. Selling hot dogs on the side of the road

Karcher married a woman named Margaret Magdalen Heinz in 1939. In 1941, they started their first business in Los Angeles, selling hot dogs in the suburbs.

The venture capital was obtained from pawning his Plymouth car which was valued at US$ 311 at that time.

Just in time for Karcher to celebrate their 28th birthday in 1945, they opened their first restaurant, Carl’s Drive in Barbecue in Anaheim. It was then, they started to include a burger menu in their restaurant.

3. Carls Jr. officially founded in 1956

Karcher’s food business is also thriving. In 1956, they established a Carls Jr. outlet. in Anaheim and Brea.

The word Jr (Junior) is interpreted as a small version of Carl’s Drive in Barbecue that is ready to serve customers quickly.

The burgers made by Karcher are charbroiled. Charbroiled itself is a term for the smoked flavored meat they use on top of the bread. At that time, charbroiled beef was unheard of in American burgers.

Their burgers are thick and 100 percent beef, without the addition of breadcrumbs. And it’s no secret, Carls Jr. buns have a larger diameter than regular burger buns.

This restaurant is known for its jargon, “It’s Gonna Get Messy! That means you’re in for a mess when you eat a burger at Carl’s Jr. They also designed an ad that illustrated, if your face is not smeared while eating a burger, it means that the burger you are eating is not a true burger.

This restaurant is finally selling. In 1974 they had 100 branches and in 1981, their outlets had grown to 300. Karcher also founded a holding company in 1960 called CKE Restaurants.

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