The Smart Way to Realize Your Dreams Through Investing in Danamon

In the midst of conditions full of uncertainty, investment is needed by the community to make it happen dream in the future. However, investing according to your needs and being able to reap the expected results is not as easy as turning your palm.

An understanding of the investment strategy is needed, sufficient and reliable information so that people can easily achieve their investment goals in the future.

But don’t worry, Investors can do this together with PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (Danamon). As one of the most trusted banks in Indonesia, Bank Danamon has a wealth of experience in the financial sector, including investment.

With its experience, Danamon is ready to assist customers in managing their investments according to the customer’s risk profile in order to achieve their future investment goals. Moreover, Danamon also provides major news in the fields of economy, business and actual data on financial markets such as the Stock, Bond and Foreign Exchange (Forex) exchange rates.

The news and data are summarized and selected from various trusted sources, so that customers can get recommendations regarding investment products that suit their needs. As is known, information is needed in investing, because through sufficient and valid information customers can take the right steps to develop their portfolios.

This is in line with Danamon’s commitment to continue growing with its customers through #SolusiInvestasiSerdas. That way, Danamon can provide smart solutions and choices to customers so they can make investment decisions through a wide selection of products.

Currently, Danamon itself has provided a wide selection of investment products, such as: Mutual Funds, Bonds, and Forex.

Some of the available products can even be purchased through the service digital banking Danamon named D-Bank PRO, such as the initial offering of Retail Bonds/Sukuk and foreign exchange transaction services.

The following are a variety of investment products available at Bank Danamon that are ready to help customers manage their investments to take control of their future.


If you are looking for an investment instrument that can provide a higher yield potential than Time Deposits with a relatively low level of risk, Bank Danamon offers you a solution through investing in a series of Bond products.

Bonds are debt securities that have a maturity period, which are issued by the government or companies to bondholders in exchange for a certain amount of yield or coupon. The term of the Bonds depends on each series issued.

Specifically for Government Bonds, the coupon and principal are guaranteed by the Republic of Indonesia Law so that it can be said to be safe. This is complemented by a higher yield rate than the average deposit interest rate and a lower tax rate than deposits.

The coupons are paid regularly according to the schedule determined by the publisher so that they can be used as coupons passive income by the Customer. In addition, Bonds also have the feature of being able to be traded on the secondary market with reference to the prevailing market price.

Apart from coupon income, investors also have other potential income in the form of principal profits when sold on the secondary market at a higher price than the purchase price. Especially for Retail Government Bonds in the primary market, customers can buy anywhere and anytime during the offering period on line through the D-Bank PRO application.

Mutual Funds

Danamon provides a wide selection of Mutual Fund products as an option for an investment portfolio that can be tailored to your risk profile. This product has relatively high liquidity and redemption of Mutual Fund participation units can be done on every exchange day, as well as being tax-free because the profits received are good. capital gains and dividends are not tax objects.

Bank Danamon does not only provide a wide selection of Mutual Fund products but is also supported by services advisory from an experienced Relationship Manager and Investment Specialist for your financial management. By investing in Mutual Funds, you can have access to various investment instruments in the form of stocks, bonds, and money market instruments with a low investment nominal.

Danamon provides a wide selection of Mutual Fund products such as Money Market Mutual Funds, Fixed Income Mutual Funds, Balanced Mutual Funds, Equity Mutual Funds, Index Mutual Funds, and protected Mutual Funds from various Investment Managers, which can be adjusted to the risk profile and investment objectives.

In addition, the return potential is also optimal in the long term, with the choice of currency according to your wishes and needs.

Online FX

FX Online is one of the features in D-Bank PRO that offers Forex transaction needs. In this feature, there is an information feature in the form of an indication of currency exchange rates in real time live during trading hours (09.00 to 15.00 WIB).

That way, customers can directly and independently check indications of currency exchange rates and proceed to make foreign exchange transactions.

Danamon provides a Forex buying and selling transaction feature with competitive exchange rates during trading hours. This exchange rate will continue to update from time to time.

Another feature is Bank Notes order transactions on the D-Bank PRO service which applies at selected Bank Danamon branches for 5 currencies: USD, JPY, EUR, SGD, and AUD. Then there is a market information feature that can be accessed through the D-Bank PRO service, as well as a transaction feature remittances (send or transfer money abroad) directly through D-Bank PRO.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get it soon #SolusiInvestasiSmart with Bank Danamon.



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