The Provincial Government opens up opportunities to return conventional banks to Aceh

Pros and cons are commonplace, however, let’s give time to the DPRA as a representative of the Acehnese people to study and analyze this as a policy evaluation of this LKS qanun for better improvement.

Banda Aceh ( – The Provincial Government (Pemprov) of Aceh has opened up the opportunity to return conventional bank operations to Aceh, one of the efforts being made is to revise the Aceh Qanun (regional regulation) Number 11 of 2018 concerning Islamic Financial Institutions (LKS).

“The revision of the qanun has reopened the opportunity for conventional banking to resume operations in Aceh,” said Aceh government spokesperson Muhammad MTA, in Banda Aceh, Monday.

As is known, after the implementation of the LKS qanun since 2018, all conventional banks left Aceh. So that currently Aceh only has two banks namely Bank Aceh Syariah (BAS) and Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI).

Regarding the revised plan, the Acting Governor of Aceh has also submitted the plan for amending the LKS qanun to the Chairperson of the Aceh People’s Representative Council (DPRA) so that it can then be discussed by the Aceh parliament.

MTA explained, basically the Government of Aceh agrees with the plan to revise the LKS qanun, and specifically has also written to the DPRA since October 2022 regarding the review of this regulation.

The discourse on this change, said the MTA, is the aspiration of the community, especially business actors, therefore it is necessary to study and re-analyze the dynamics and problems of the implementation of the LKS qanun so far.

MTA said, the case that happened to BSI recently could become a reference for the DPRA in improving the implementation and application of the LKS qanun.

“Including reviewing the compensation for any potential harm to customers who may have neglected the qanun, and restoring conventional bank operations,” he said.

MTA said, until now the infrastructure of sharia banking in Aceh has not been able to answer socio-economic dynamics and problems, especially with regard to the reality of national and international scale financial transactions for business actors.

As part of Indonesian society, which of course has national and international economic activities, the existence of conventional banking is actually not something that resistance should be built on.

“However, strengthening Islamic banking is also our priority as a region or region that has specificity,” he said.

He added that the Aceh government itself in December 2020 had submitted plans for a scheme for extending conventional bank operations until 2026 which was based on a meeting between banking actors and entrepreneurs which was attended by the Aceh government on 16 December 2020 in Banda Aceh.

“Pros and cons are indeed commonplace, however, let’s give time to the DPRA as a representative of the people of Aceh to study and analyze as a policy evaluation of this LKS qanun for better improvement,” said the MTA.

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Reporter: Rahmat Fajri
Editor: Biqwanto Situmorang


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