The Prime Minister of the Republic of Indonesia Wears a Torn Suit & Drives a Shabby Car

Jakarta, – As the 5th former Prime Minister of Indonesia (PM RI), Mohammad Natsir is often described as a figure who is persistent in fighting for the rights of the nation, as well as a very modest official in everyday life.

The man who received the title of national hero on November 10, 2008 was born in Alahan Panjang, West Sumatra (West Sumatra) July 17, 1908, and was raised in a religious family. And his father was reportedly a well-known scholar.

M Natsir received his bachelor’s degree from Bandung Tarbiyah College, while his Doctor of Honoris Causa degree was obtained from the Indonesian Islamic University (formerly Islamic College), Yogyakarta. He is the founder of the Masyumi Party which was disbanded by President Soekarno in 1960.

Apart from serving as prime minister, Natsir also served as minister of information in Indonesia.

However, even though he occupies an important position in the country, Natsir always looks simple like an ordinary person in general. Second, reported that Natsir’s grave at the Karet Bivouac Public Cemetery (TPU), Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, was like the graves of ordinary people. There is no sign that Natsir ever became a big man in the 1950s.

Here are some simple life facts from M Natsir which are summarized Second back in 2011.

Patch suit

Historian George McTurnan Kahin, author of the book Nationalism and Revolution in Indonesia (1952), once shared his impressions of Natsir’s simple lifestyle when he met Natsir in Yogyakarta in 1948. The following is Kahin’s story about Natsir’s appearance, which was not like that of an official in general.

Natsir was reportedly wearing a jacket full of patches due to tearing. Kahin also knew that the Ministry of Information staff at that time worked together to buy clothes for Natsir.

Stay at home in the alley

After taking over as PM RI in August 1950, Natsir lived in the house Bung Karno used to live on Jl. Pegangsaan Timur (now named Jl. Proklamasi), Central Jakarta.

It was reported that before living in the house, Natsir lived in a house located in an alley on Jl. Java. After that, he also lived in the Tanah Abang area.

After leaving his position as head of the Indonesian government, Natsir chose to return to his old house on Jl. Java.

When Natsir joined PRRI, it was reported that Natsir was living from forest to forest with his family, in the West Sumatra region. But finally in 1960 – 1966, he was arrested and imprisoned by Soekarno.

He also lost his house on Jl. Java, but in the end he bought a house in the area of ​​Jl. Hos Cokroaminoto, Central Jakarta, where he lived until he died.

Ride a battered car

M Natsir owned a private car branded DeSoto which was in a dilapidated condition at that time. In 1956 he was offered an official car in the form of a luxury sedan made in the United States (US). However, Natsir politely rejected the car.

That said, DeSoto’s car was bought by Natsir to pick up and pick up his son. The fate of his DeSoto car is the same as the house on Jl. Java.

The two assets were confiscated by the Government of Indonesia because Natsir joined the PRRI.

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