The Ministry of Transportation Records 11 Million People Taking Public Transportation during Eid Homecoming


Ministry of Transportation (Ministry of Transportation) recorded 11,087,014 people using public transport during the period homecomingfrom D-8 to D+4 Eid 2023.

Ministry of Transportation spokesperson Adita Irawati said this figure had increased compared to the same period in 2022 which only 10,991,882 people. This record also has the potential to increase considering that there is still a second peak of reverse flow on Sunday (30/4) and Monday (1/5).

“It is predicted that a surge in the return flow of public transport passengers will still occur this weekend until Monday, May 1, 2023,” Adita said in an official statement, Friday (28/4).

Adita even detailed that daily public transport users on Thursday (27/4) were still quite high, namely 844,224 people. This number increased by 84.36 percent compared to normal days.

According to him, passenger movements on D+4 yesterday were dominated by air transport which reached 240,983 passengers or 28.54 percent of the total public transport users.

Followed by road transportation 205,010 people (24.28 percent), rail transportation 166,533 people (19.73 percent), ferry transportation 163,887 people (19.41 percent), and sea transportation 67,881 people (8.03 percent).

Accumulated, the Ministry of Transportation recorded the highest number of air transport passengers so far, namely 3,267,081 people. After that, there were 2,454,498 river and lake crossing passengers (ASDP), 2,243,750 road transport passengers, 2,197,322 rail transport passengers, and 942,343 sea transport passengers.

Meanwhile, PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk recorded that only 903,169 vehicles returned to the Greater Jakarta area on April 24-27 2023. This number is equivalent to 56.4 percent of the total predicted return flow of 1.6 million vehicles.

“It is predicted that there are still 43.6 percent or around 699 thousand vehicles that have not returned to Jabotabek. To avoid congestion on toll roads and arteries, it is best to make a return trip before Sunday (30/4) and Monday (1/5) which are predicted to be the peak of the second return flow,” concluded Adita.

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