The Minister of Manpower Will Completely Investigate the Staycation Case in Order to Extend the Contract


Ministry of Labor (Ministry of Manpower) ensured that he would thoroughly investigate the alleged case of sexual harassment that occurred at a company in the Industrial Estate in Bekasi, West Java. This case is related to solicitation staycation with boss to employees to extend their work contracts.

The Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah has ordered the Labor Inspector of the Ministry of Manpower together with the West Java Provincial Labor Inspector to continue to investigate the case of alleged sexual harassment in the workplace.

“We are still investigating this case and ensuring employment protection for victims, as well as encouraging victims to have the courage to report it to the authorities, including the Ministry of Manpower,” said Ida in an official statement, Tuesday (10/5).

The harassment case went viral on social media because female employees were required staycation or staying with the boss to extend the contract. If this is true, the act is considered intolerable.

In addition to the investigation by the Ministry of Manpower and the local government, the criminal elements of this case are also being investigated by the Bekasi Metro Police.

“So the police will deal with criminal aspects, while the Labor Inspector will explore labor aspects such as work conditions, work relations, wages, etc,” said Ida.

To prevent similar incidents from happening again, Ida asked all parties to prioritize the prevention and handling of sexual harassment as part of their employment agreements, company regulations and collective bargaining agreements.

“Once again, we realize this prevention commitment together, including through the normative rules that apply in the company, to building a culture of awareness to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace,” he added.

Ida also asked the Ministry of Manpower to intensify socialization on the prevention and handling of sexual harassment in the workplace to all companies and industrial areas.

“I also invite all related parties, such as local governments, employers’ associations, industrial area managers, trade/labor unions, to jointly fight violence and sexual harassment in the workplace,” he concluded.

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