The Government Has Not Blessed the Import of Used Japanese KRL


Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment ensure that the government does not want to comply with PT KCI’s wish to import KRL former Japan to meet the needs of the fleet that will be retired.

Septian Hario Seto, Deputy for Investment and Mining Coordination, said this after receiving the audit results from the BPKP. The audit results provide several considerations to the government regarding the issue of importing used KRL that PT KCI wants.

First, the import of used KRL is seen as not supporting the development of the national rail industry. Second, the Ministry of Trade has responded that the request for an import dispensation for ex-Japan KRL imports in order to meet the needs of the KRL fleet cannot be considered because the government’s focus is on domestic products and import substitution.

Third, the import of KRL is not quite right, because there are several units of facilities that can be optimized.

“BPKP found something like that,” he told reporters Thursday (6/4).

Fourth, regarding the estimated costs related to the procurement from Japan Railway that are paid. He said the results of the BPKP audit showed that costs were reasonable handling and the reasonableness of transportation from Japan to Indonesia proposed by KCI cannot be ascertained because the transportation must use a cargo ship.

Based on the results of the BPKP audit, Seto said that the echelon 1 ranks of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries immediately held a meeting. Meeting results; asked PT KCI to review its current operations and facilities.

“We asked for a retrofit of the facilities that currently exist and will be retired. Currently it is not recommended to import. From the results of the BPKP review it is clear enough, we will refer to the results of the review,” he said.

PT KCI intends to import used Japanese KRL. This was done to replace the retired fleet this year and next year.

KCI has actually been trying to find a replacement for the fleet by placing an order with Inka. However, Inka has not been able to fulfill the request as desired by PT KCI.

[Gambas:Video CNN]


[Gambas:Video CNN]


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