The Government Disbursed IKN Compensation Money of Rp. 17.3 Billion to 5 Affected Residents


State Asset Management Institute (LMAN) The Ministry of Finance (MoF) makes the payment compensation 17.3 billion to five residents affected by the construction of the National Capital (IKN) Archipelago.

The main director of LMAN, Basuki Purwadi, explained that this was the payment of stage 1 compensation for 9 parcels of land belonging to five residents who were affected by the construction of the Nusantara IKN in Sepaku, East Kalimantan. Compensation payments were made on Wednesday (12/4) yesterday.

“Today we realized the initial payment for land acquisition for the construction of IKN infrastructure, which is expected to be an accelerator for the realization of IKN as one of the national strategic plans,” Basuki said in an official statement, Thursday (13/4).

Basuki said that compensation payments for IKN land acquisition would be carried out in stages. He emphasized that the compensation process must follow the progress of land acquisition in the field.

According to him, if all stages of IKN land acquisition are completed in accordance with the provisions of the legislation, LMAN will pay the compensation money. Payments are made by direct scheme to the affected residents’ bank accounts.

He hopes that the compensation money can boost people’s purchasing power. However, Basuki asked the affected residents to remain wise so that the money could improve their standard of living.

Basuki then detailed the allocation of funds for the IKN procurement to reach IDR 795.79 billion in the early stages. Later, infrastructure development there is expected to benefit the local community.

Meanwhile, Minister of PPN/Head of Bappenas Suharso Monoarfa said that the physical development of IKN had reached 26 percent. Although still low, that figure has increased from two months ago, which was still 15 percent.

“Today’s physical development of the IKN has been quite advanced compared to the last time the president visited the IKN two months ago, February. So progress has reached 26 percent,” said Suharso, quoted from the YouTube Presidential Secretariat, Wednesday (12/4).

Regarding housing for ASN, TNI and Polri in IKN, as much as 70 percent will be controlled by the state. Meanwhile, the other 30 percent can be owned by ASN, TNI, and Polri. This provision applies to vertical houses or apartments as well as landed houses.

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