The era of cheap interest is over, is the consumer business still attractive?

Jakarta, The Financial Services Authority (OJK) reminded the financial industry, including banking, to anticipate impacts while at the same time seizing opportunities from the end of the era of cheap funds and low interest rates.

Bank Danamon Indonesia’s CSO, Reza Sardjono confirmed Bank Danamon’s anticipation of the end of the era of low interest. The bank has a strategy to secure granular funding for the long term so that the impact of high interest rates can be suppressed.

What is the bank’s anticipation of global volatility? and how does the consumer business strategy deal with the era of high interest rates?

For details, see Anneke Wijaya’s dialogue with the Chief Strategy Officer PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (BDMN)Reza Sardjono in Power Lunch,CNBCIndonesia (Thursday, 11/05/2023)

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