The BPK found three problems with the Aceh Provincial Government’s 2022 financial reports

This is so that the recommendation will no longer become a finding in the following year

Jakarta ( – The Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia (BPK) found three problems in the Financial Report (LK) of the Aceh Provincial Government (Pemprov) for the 2022 budget year.

First, the Government of Aceh has not updated the surface water tax revenue regulations, which has resulted in the Aceh Government not being able to realize surface water tax revenues optimally, said Member V of BPK Ahmadi Noor Supit quoted from the official BPK website, Jakarta, Saturday.

Second, the classification of budgeting and expenditure realization in the seven Aceh Regional Work Units (SKPD) is incorrect, resulting in the realization of spending in the seven Aceh SKPDs not reflecting actual conditions.

The final problem is the lack of volume for the 18 capital expenditure activity packages. This problem resulted in overpayment for the lack of work volume amounting to IDR 12.55 billion.

Ahmadi reminded the Aceh Provincial Government that the recommendations given by the BPK based on the findings in the financial inspection reports (LHP) should be followed up no later than 60 days after the LHP was submitted.

“This is so that these recommendations will no longer become findings in the following year,” he said.

On the same occasion, Member V of the BPK submitted a 2022 Regional Inspection Results Summary (IHPD). The IHPD contains information on the results of inspections to the provincial and district/city governments in Aceh for 2022.

The IHPD also contains follow-up actions carried out by the local government on recommendations from the BPK audit results and settlement of regional losses by entities in the province of Aceh per semester II-2022.

Because of this, Member V of the BPK hopes that the Governor and the Leaders of the Aceh DPR can take advantage of the IHPD that has been given by the BPK.

“We hope that the IHPD can serve as a reference for the Acting Governor as a representative of the central government to the regions to further improve his coaching function for district/city governments, and for the Aceh DPR to carry out the oversight function of regional financial management and responsibility,” said Member V of BPK .

Even though there are a number of problems that must be followed up by the Aceh Provincial Government, the BPK continues to provide Unqualified Qualification (WTP) for the Provincial Government LK.

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Reporter: M Baqir Idrus Alatas
Editor: Ahmad Buchori


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