The BLBI Task Force confiscated 168 plots of land owned by the debtor of PT Eraska Nofa

The BLBI Task Force carried out the confiscation through the DKI Jakarta Branch Committee for State Receivable Affairs (PUPN).

Jakarta ( – The Bank Indonesia Liquidity Assistance Fund Task Force for Handling State Claims (BLBI Task Force) seized collateral assets of debtor PT Eraska Nofa in the form of 168 plots of land covering an area of ​​290,810 m2 on Jalan Kranggan Wetan, Jatisampurna District, Bekasi, West Java.

The assets are collateral items from PT Eraska Nofa which were confiscated in the context of settling debt obligations to the state which have not been fulfilled to date in the amount of IDR 12.12 billion and US$ 7.84 million, not including administration fees (BIAD) of 10 percent.

In an official statement received in Jakarta, Friday, BLBI Task Force Chairman Rionald Silaban revealed that the BLBI Task Force carried out the confiscation through the DKI Jakarta Branch Committee for State Receivable Affairs (PUPN).

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The confiscation was carried out by the BLBI Task Force together with the Bailiff of the Bekasi State Assets and Auction Service Office (KPKNL), which was attended by the Head of the BLBI Task Force Secretariat Purnama Sianturi, Director of Legal and Public Relations Yanis Dhaniarto, Head of Regional Office of the Directorate General of State Assets (DJKN) DKI Jakarta Mahmudysah, and Plt . Head of KPKNL Jakarta V Des Arman.

Then there are also the National Police’s Criminal Investigation Task Force, Kompol Andhiek Budy Kurniawan, and Kompol Hary Budiyanto.

The activity was also attended by the Head of Ops for Polres Metro Bekasi City, Kompol Agus Rohmat, Kapolsek Jatisampurna Iptu Verry, TNI Kodim 0505JT, Satpol PP Bekasi City Government, and local village officials.

Rionald explained that the debtor’s or obligor’s assets that have been confiscated will continue with the process of managing them through the PUPN mechanism, namely an open sale (auction) and/or other settlements.

However, until further processing is carried out by PUPN, the confiscated assets can still be occupied or used by the debtor or obligor.

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The BLBI Task Force will continue to make ongoing efforts to ensure the return of the state’s claim rights through a series of efforts such as blocking, confiscating, and selling the obligor’s or debtor’s assets which are collateral or other assets owned by the obligor or debtor who have so far received BLBI funds.

Reporter: Agatha Olivia Victoria
Editor: Nusarina Yuliastuti


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