Terms and How to Claim JHT BPJS Ketenagakerjaan at JMO

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Benefit claims service for the Old Age Security (JHT) program BPJS of Employment now it can be done through the Social Security Mobile application alias JMO.

How to claim JHT in JMO it’s very easy. Participants only need to prepare all the requirements needed and follow the steps according to the guidelines in the application.

JHT itself is a pension fund program for BPJS Ketenagakerjaan participants from the investment results of contribution payments paid every month.

The contribution is managed by BPJS Employment as a benefit that can be taken when workers enter retirement age starting at 56 years old.

However, this benefit can also be claimed at certain times. For example, workers experience termination of employment (PHK), work contracts expire, leave alias jobs resignuntil you want to withdraw some of it by 10-30 percent.

Participants can also claim JHT benefits when they leave Indonesia forever, experience total disability, until they die.

Terms of Employment BPJS JHT Claims at JMO

Before submitting a claim, first fulfill the JHT BPJS Employment claim requirements through the following JMO.

  1. Maximum accumulated JHT balance is IDR 10 million
  2. Have updated the data
  3. Membership status is already inactive

How to Claim JHT BPJS Employment at JMO

If all conditions have been met, participants need to download the JMO application on the Google Play Store. Then create an account according to the identity of the Employment BPJS participant.

If you already have an account, here’s how to claim JHT at JMO.

  1. Open the JMO app.
  2. Select the ‘Old Age Security’ menu.
  3. Select the ‘JHT Claim’ menu.
  4. If BPJS Ketenagakerjaan has given three green ticks to the information on the requirements for submitting a claim, continue by pressing ‘Next’.
  5. Choose one of the reasons for filing a claim disbursement, then press ‘Next’.
  6. Check the membership data that appears on the cellphone screen. If it is correct, then press ‘Already’.
  7. Take a selfie by pressing ‘Take Picture’ according to the provisions informed by Employment BPJS.
  8. Complete the data in the form of NPWP and an active bank account for disbursement. If so, press ‘Next’.
  9. BPJS Employment will provide details of the JHT balance that can be claimed, then press ‘Next’.
  10. Double-check all the data that appears. If it is correct, continue by pressing ‘Confirm’.
  11. Submission of JHT claims was successful. Participants only need to wait for the payment to enter the bank account that has been provided.
  12. If you want to check whether your claim has been processed or not, you can look at the ‘Claim Tracking’ menu.

That’s how to claim JHT at JMO. I hope this helps.


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