Tax Collector Debt Collectors Visit Soimah, Here’s Sri Mulyani’s Response, JAKARTA— Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani responded regarding the artist Soimah who received bad treatment from the Directorate General of Taxes at the Ministry of Finance. In a video showing, Soimah expressed her frustration and disappointment at the arrival debt collectors to collect his income tax.

Sri Mulyani admitted that she had received a video clip of Soimah’s frustration and disappointment from Butet Kertaradjasa.

“I asked the @ditjenpajakri team to research the problems experienced by Mrs. Soimah,” wrote Sri Mulyani as quoted from her personal Instagram account, Monday (10/4/2023).

In the explanation video of the Directorate General of Taxes of the Ministry of Finance which was uploaded by Sri Mulyani on her Instagram account, it was explained that at this time, no tax official had ever met Soimah in person.

First, regarding the 2015 story when Soimah bought a house, it should be suspected that the parties outside the tax office who interacted with it were related to the sale and purchase of assets in the form of houses.

If there is any interaction by KPP Pratama Bantul, it is only limited to validating the transaction value of the house.

Meanwhile, it was explained that the validation was carried out at the tax office to the seller, not to the buyer. This is to ensure that the reported transaction value is in accordance with the provisions.

Second, in the explanatory video, the tax office submits according to the law debt collectors himself or what is called a state tax bailiff works equipped with a letter of assignment and carries out clear orders if there are tax arrears. Soimah itself is recorded as having no tax debt.

If a tax officer visits Soimah, it’s possible that it’s a tax appraisal officer who is researching the construction of the Soimah pavilion.

However, tax officers involve professional employees so that they are not arbitrary. From the results of the tax official’s inspection, the building value of the pavilion was estimated at Rp. 4.7 billion, not Rp. 50 billion as claimed by Soimah.

Third, in relation to Soimah who was contacted by the tax official who seemed to be in an inhumane way pursuing to immediately report the annual tax return at the end of March 2023, it was found that the tax official only reminded Soimah to report the annual tax return and offered assistance if there were problems in filling it out so it would not be late due to reporting deadline at the end of March.

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“We have searched chats and recorded communications via telephone and WhatsApp and found that from start to finish our officers were very polite in conveying it,” said the tax officer in the Instagram post.

“Until now, even though Mrs. Soimah was late in submitting her SPT, the KPP did not send a formal letter of reprimand but instead took a persuasive approach,” he added.

Related to this, Sri Mulyani asked the Directorate General of Taxes of the Ministry of Finance to conduct research on the problems experienced by Soimah. He hopes that the explanatory video can provide clarity to the public regarding the current tax polemic.

“We will continue to make service improvements. Thank you for the input and constructive criticism. For a better Indonesia,” wrote Sri Mulyani.

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