Superbank Takes Advantage of Emtek and Grab Ecosystems Embrace MSMEs, JAKARTA – As a newcomer in the realm of digital banking, PT Super Bank Indonesia (Superbank) continues to innovate by targeting MSME players and retail customers. One of them, taking advantage of 81 percent of the underbanked population.

Indonesia has a population underbanked or customers who only have deposits, the largest in Southeast Asia. MSME actors and the majority of retail customers from the segment underbanked.

They have a source of income and savings in banks but have difficulty applying for loans. Even though they really need a loan to be able to continue to develop their business.

Seeing this opportunity, Superbank tries to embrace and provide solutions for MSME players and retail customers. The innovation is to take advantage of the market in the Emtek and Grab Group ecosystem because it has great potential and has not yet been explored.

“So far, conventional banks have focused on the banking sector. We will focus on personal life customers (customers),” said Chief Business Officer Superbank, Sukiwan in Jakarta, Wednesday (5/4/2023). In addition, creating an ecosystem to make it easier for customers when applying for loans in a comfortable way.

Superbank traces the track record of its prospective customers using the ecosystem owned by the Emtek and Grab Groups. The capacity and track record of customers can be seen from the various business transactions they carry out either from the Bukalapak or Grab platforms.

By knowing the target profile, it becomes a special competitive advantage for Superbank as a bank with digital services. Supported by the advantage of being able to know the business run by the debtor more fully and become an alternative credit assessment.

“Like martabak sellers, their transactions are actually recorded in the Grab application. Such as the quality of the sales, the range of sales, how many martabak are sold each day,” explained Sukiwan. This is the beginning of the overall integration strategy.

According to Sukiwan, Superbank is committed to expanding access and financing to them easily and responsibly. He also explained that currently the Indonesian banking industry has great potential.

Customer deposits at commercial banks continue to increase, reaching IDR 8,203 trillion in 2022, growing by more than eight percent compared to 2021.

Meanwhile, the value of digital banking transactions in 2022 will increase by 28.72 percent year on year (yoy) to IDR 52,545.8 trillion and is projected to grow 22.13 percent to IDR 64,175.1 trillion in 2023.


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