Superbank focuses on developing business in the MSME and retail sectors

Two thirds of our population are millennials, then our MSMEs are 63 million. The contribution of MSMEs to economic growth is important

Jakarta ( – Superbank digital bank focuses on developing business in the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and retail sectors while helping to boost the pace of domestic economic growth.

“When we can increase these MSMEs, then our economy can advance in stages. Because if in other than this segmentation, spending, investment is already big, so it won’t help Indonesia’s economic growth,” Superbank Chief Business Officer Sukiwan said in Jakarta, Wednesday.

Sukiwan explained data on the size of the digital-based retail and MSMEs market in Indonesia. It is recorded that 63 million of the total population of Indonesian people in 2021 are MSME business activists.

“As many as 72 percent already have a smartphone, especially in big cities. Two thirds of our population are millennials, then our MSMEs are 63 million. The contribution of MSMEs to economic growth is important,” said Sukiwan.

In the workshop “Exciting Indonesian Digital Banking: Impact, Potential & Challenges”, Sukiwan explained, currently there are several challenges that Superbank and other digital banks must face, as well as solve.

First, many Indonesian people still have difficulty managing finances. The two main influencing factors are the lack of discipline in saving, and the absence of separation between personal and business finances.

Second, there are still many Indonesian people who have difficulty accessing loans. The challenge is due to the fluctuating income of the people, incomplete documentation, and the difficult loan application process.

“Our people should have access to the right loans. According to his ability, and also according to the cost, “added Sukiwan.

Third, the image of an unfriendly bank in the eyes of the public. This challenge is mainly due to the exposure of banks which are still considered as institutions with high lending rates and low savings rates.

“Perception is something that must be formed from time to time. And unfortunately in today’s society, banks are seen as hostile organizations. So, this is an important mission,” said Sukiwan.

Therefore, Sukiwan continued, Superbank is here in the form of a digital bank to provide innovative solutions, especially for retail consumers and MSMEs, as well as capture collaboration through a broad ecosystem.

For Superbank, the ecosystem is one of the key factors for market penetration. Superbank tries to build an ecosystem that includes integration with other consumer businesses, low customer acquisition costs, and high levels of retention and engagement.

“We want to be present to customers to make them super, we want to be present to make super friends for them, maximizing their potential. So that’s the whole thing we want to do. We play in the ecosystem, and one of our shareholders is Grab,” concluded Sukiwan.

PT Super Bank Indonesia (Superbank) itself is a new brand that replaces PT Bank Fama Internasional. Superbank is a bank with digital services.

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Reporter: Bayu Saputra
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