Sued for divorce, can Bekti ask Dila for 10 gold dinars back?

Jakarta, – As is well known, on October 10 2010, reported the marriage of Indra Bekti and Aldila Jelita, while the dowry that Bekti gave to Dila was 10 gold dinar coins. The dowry was the topic of discussion last January, when Bekti fell ill, so could Indra ask for the dowry because the divorce suit came from Dila’s side?

According to Article 32 of the Compilation of Islamic Law (KHI) which was stipulated through Presidential Instruction No. 1 of 1991, “Mahar is given directly to the prospective bride and has since become her personal right.”

So that means that the dowry given by Bekti to Dila will fully become Dila’s right, because the gift was made before the marriage bond was valid, or during the consent process.

Reporting from an article on the Online Law website, the Islamic Law Lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia (FH UI) explained that because the dowry is the wife’s right, the wife is not obliged to return the dowry. This is because the wife’s obligation to file a lawsuit is to pay the agreed ransom (iwad).

So, regarding the Dila and Bekti divorce case, even though it was Dila who filed the lawsuit, Dila was not obliged to return the 10 gold dinar coins.

Can the gold dinar be an investment?

Gold dinar coins were circulated and sold by PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (Antam). In Indonesia, the function of this gold coin is only limited to collections like gold batik series or gold gifts, not for transactions.

Even though Antam no longer sells gold dinars or dirhams, the gold coins are still being traded on the online marketplace.

Just like gold, the price of dinar coins will also fluctuate following the movement of world gold.

Reported in my Finansialku article, there are also very few gold dinar investment experts in Indonesia. You can actually still sell it in dinars at a gold shop or on the marketplace and fellow owners or collectors of gold dinars.

But of course, selling gold dinars is certainly not as easy as gold bars in general because there are demand and supply factors in the market. Therefore, it can be said that the liquidity of the gold dinar is still below gold bullion in general.

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