Stocks Aren’t Gambling Like Your Grandma Said!

Jakarta, Armfalcon.comThe tweets of Eva Manurung, Mother of Virgoun, who said that the shares were gambling, immediately became lively on social media.

“@mommy_starla did you say tabayyun? Where did you get 200 million, Ina? You played stocks and lost 200 million. Where did you gamble, in stocks, right?” wrote Eva Manurung in comments on social media, as quoted in seconds.

Instead of wanting rujak Inara Rusli, the answer was also given by Inara.

“Yes, if you want big and instant cash, it’s just a joke with prostitution. That also has risks,” Inara wrote again at the bottom of her post.

Stocks are often seen as a gamble, starting in the 1920s in the United States. At that time stocks were bullish after World War I, but the economic shocks made stocks crashes in 1929. Since then many people say stocks are gambling.

If you examine it, the word gambling is indeed attached to stocks when investors don’t take it into account gains and risks.

gains clearly about profits when selling shares at a higher price than when buying and dividends. Then the risk, price fluctuations, the company goes out of the stock exchange, so it doesn’t get dividends.

Risk can be controlled and measured as long as investors already know stock-related data such as business fundamentals, macroeconomics, or the movement of the stock itself. Therefore it is necessary to analyze before making investment decisions.

Only buying because of FOMO (fear of missing out), take paid recommendations without re-analysis, or just trust capital with recommendation groups only.

After all, by buying shares, we will be listed as the owner of a company. Because shares are securities of ownership of a company.

For example, Mrs. Eva Manurung bought one lot or 100 shares of PT Bank Central Asia. So Buk Eva Manurung will be registered as the owner of BCA with the right to be summoned to the General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) and also dividend distribution.

Oh yes, there are also sharia shares. So the types of stocks that are considered to be running a business without violating sharia principles.

So the matter of stocks is gambling, it’s not related to the investment instrument, but what is the investor process in making a decision, Mrs. Eva. If you just make a decision without analyzing it first, that’s only 100% gambling.


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