Stocks Are Not Gambling, Want Money Quickly, Prostitution

Jakarta, – The allegations of Virgoun’s mother, Eva Manurung, regarding Inara Rusli’s stock betting went viral on social media and mass media. Inara also finally spoke up about this.

“@mommy_starla did you say tabayyun? Where did you get 200 million, Ina? You played stocks and lost 200 million. Where did you gamble, in stocks, right?” wrote Eva Manurung in comments on social media, as quoted second(14/5).

Meanwhile, Inara immediately responded that the shares purchased were not gambling because Inara bought them through a trading application from a securities company registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Inara also explained matters related to stock investment risks such as floating loss, to proof of profits, and he also admitted that he had attended a meeting invitation from the issuer he held. All of these clarifications were made by Inara by uploading her Instagram Story.

“Here is part of the profit that was obtained (in) 2022 yesterday. It’s not much, so please understand that the name is also prime, still a beginner. There was a miscalculation because yesterday the JCI (Composite Stock Price Index) suddenly dropped,” said Inara Rusli while showing the profit and loss data he got.

“Yes, if you want big and instant cash, it’s just a joke with prostitution. That also has risks,” Inara wrote again at the bottom of her post.

Shares can be used for investment or trading

Discussions have been held many times about stocks, which were often considered gambling by the early community. Shares are securities that are proof of a person’s legal ownership of the company.

“Investing in shares is the same as owning a company, partnering with other company owners, with the aim that the company develops its business and investors can obtain business benefits in the future,” said Director of Development of the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) Hasan Fawzi in a video entitled Is Stock Investment the same as Gambling?” uploaded by IDX’s official YouTube account.

The term “play stocks,” itself is also a term that is not quite right to use and always carries a negative connotation for this one investment instrument.

In fact, one can do two ways to make a profit from stocks.

The first is to invest or buy company shares, either buying them in large quantities or gradually, and holding them for the long term. If the business of the issuer of the purchased shares grows, then the share price will also grow and the issuer will also share profits (dividends) for its shareholders.

The second is by trading or buying and selling short term. Stock prices that fluctuate every trading hour will bring up profit opportunities that can be used to increase income.

Those who trade, treat stocks like goods sold on the market. Just as the IDX is the market, securities companies are outlets in the market, and these shares are goods traded at outlets.

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