Stay away from these 4 Gold Investments: Danger!

Jakarta, – Although recently the price has increased and is often referred to as a safe haven, not all “gold investments” are declared profitable. Some of them are actually dangerous.

As a safe haven, the value of gold is often said to increase when the world economy is hit by uncertainty. Investors certainly prefer gold over the stock market to secure capital when the event occurs.

However, such a gold investment only happens if you buy gold in a reasonable way. Not in these four ways.

If you choose these four gold investments, it will not only be difficult to return on the investment you experience, you can also experience loss of capital.

Intrigued by four dangerous ways to invest in gold? Here’s the review.

Investment in gold jewelry

One advantage of having gold jewelery is that it can be worn at any time as an accessory, which will enhance your appearance. However, jewelry is generally not made of pure gold like gold bullion.

Generally, other substances or metals are mixed into gold jewelry. Call it like silver, copper, zinc, palladium, and so on.

Expensive jewelry prices are also influenced by the cost of making jewelry. Don’t be surprised if one day you want to sell it, the seller actually bids your gold jewelry below the purchase price.

It would be nice to view this asset as a use-only asset. If you want to buy it, you don’t need to expect fantastic returns from the selling price of your jewelry in the future.

Invest in digital gold in apps like this

Investing in digital gold is actually quite profitable because apart from being practical and only with a cellphone, the difference between the purchase price and the buyback is also low. Not only that, even though it’s called digital gold, you can also print the gold you buy in the form of bars.

However, not all digital gold investment applications are suitable for use. If you choose an application that does not have an operating permit from the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (BAPPEBTI), then this is very dangerous to do.

All transactions made by digital gold traders supervised by BAPPEBTI to customers will of course be completed and recorded by PT Kliring Berjangka Indonesia. It is different with gold traders who do not have an operating permit.

In addition to providing a sense of security, permission from the authorities will also provide legal certainty to consumers.

Invest in gold futures contracts

In fact, gold futures contracts are part of Commodity Futures Trading which is often referred to as a method of hedging your gold investment (hedging).

Each contract has a different time period, as well as the transaction time. By buying the contract, you are expected to be able to redeem gold at a lower price than the market price in the future.

Although it is not wrong if gold futures contracts are referred to as alternative investments, futures contracts have a high element of speculation. It takes high flying hours to be able to make a profit through this investment.

Market participants actually make this instrument as a short-term trading instrument rather than investment.

A gold investment whose returns are promised

Given the price of gold which always fluctuates every day, it is very strange if there is an entity that offers you a gold investment with guaranteed returns.

There are no investment instruments whose returns can be guaranteed other than a certain amount of deposits and state securities. It is very likely that the gold investment offered to you is a fraudulent gold investment that contains a pyramid scheme.

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