Sri Mulyani Staff Explains Chronology of ‘Debt Collector’ Visits Soimah


Special Staff to the Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani, Yustinus Prastowo provide clarification regarding the singer’s statement Soimah about the bad experience with the officers tax. He also gave a full account of the matter to the best of his knowledge.

He said this started with the purchase of Soimah’s house in 2015. He suspects that the people said to have interacted with Soimah were officials from the National Land Agency (BPN) and the local Regional Government (Pemda).

“Following his testimony at the notary, it should be suspected that he interacted [dengan Soimah] are BPN and Regional Government officers, who deal with transfer of title and taxes related to BPHTB (Land and Building Acquisition Fees), which are the domain of the Regional Government,” he said in a written statement, Saturday (8/4).

According to him, if the incident involves a tax officer, usually members in the field only validate it.

“Even if there is a field activity, it is a routine activity to ensure that the value used is in accordance with the provisions, namely the market price that reflects the actual situation. Of course this needs to be confirmed from Soimah’s own experience,” he said.

He also joked a little in response to Soimah’s statement regarding the action of the tax officer ‘slapping the table’ when he came to his residence.

“If someone hits the table, this might be the owner of Soto Gebrak Madura who we think is angry, but is friendly,” said Yustinus.

He also discussed the arrival of a tax official who was said to have brought a debt collector, then entered the house to take measurements of the pavilion, including checking the details of the building. For him, it was a normal activity based on a clear letter of assignment.

“Indeed, building a house without a contractor with an area of ​​more than 200 m2 is subject to VAT at 2 percent of total expenditure. The law regulates this to fulfill a sense of justice with construction that is VAT payable. Tax officers even involve professional appraisers so that they are not arbitrary,” he said.

That way, don’t be surprised if the process is fairly long and detailed.

“As a result, the value of the building was estimated at IDR 4.7 billion, not IDR 50 billion as claimed by Soimah. In his own report, Soimah stated that the value of the pavilion was IDR 5 billion,” he said again.

Singer Soimah complains about his bad experience with the tax officials. ( Feraldi)

He also emphasized that the tax official’s conclusions and recommendations had not even been followed up. This means, he continued, the VAT payable of 2 percent of the IDR 4.7 billion has not been billed at all.

Furthermore, he even felt confused about the accusation of involvement debt collectors at Soima’s residence.

According to him, the tax office itself has ‘debt collectors‘ himself called the State Tax Bailiff (JSPN). They work equipped with a letter of assignment and carry out clear instructions, that is, there is a tax debt that is in arrears.

“Soimah herself has never been examined by the tax office and it is recorded that she has no tax debt. Then, why come with her debt collectors?” he said.

Previously, Soimah lamented in Blakasuta’s podcast with Puthut EA and Butet Kertaradjasa. He admitted that a tax official had visited his residence along with two debt collectors.

They are said to have come to collect taxes because he was accused of evading tax officials. He also felt that he was often treated unfairly by tax officials every time he came to his house.

The unfavorable treatment of the tax official is said to have occurred since 2015. Soimah admits that she feels treated like a corruptor every time she encounters officers.

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[Gambas:Video CNN]


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