Sri Mulyani Says There Is A Disbursement Of IDR 96 T Behind The 2023 Mudik Mudik


Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani said the Government of Indonesia had disbursed IDR 96.7 trillion for needs Lebaran 2023.

Ani, as she is affectionately known, said that the money was disbursed through the State Asset Management Agency (LMAN) in the form of funding for land acquisition. The IDR 96.7 trillion budget is divided into land funding for toll roads and railways.

“LMAN has realized this support, among others through funding for land acquisition. Among them: realization of land funding for toll roads of IDR 93.7 trillion, realization of land funding for railroads of IDR 3 trillion,” he wrote on his Instagram account @smindrawati, Thursday (27/4 ).


“All of this funding is to support the homecoming and return flow of Eid 2023. The State Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBN) #UangKita is here to connect Indonesia!” Ani continued.

Sri Mulyani said going home was part of Indonesian culture. Therefore, Ani emphasized the role of the present APBN to support national connectivity.

He then quoted data from the Ministry of Transportation regarding the potential for a national movement of people during this year’s Lebaran homecoming. Ani also conveyed a message to travelers wading back and forth to remain careful.

“According to data from the Ministry of Transportation, the potential for national movement during homecoming this time is 45.8 percent of the population (123.8 million people). For those who are wading back and forth, stay careful on the road!” he said.

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