Sri Mulyani asked the Ministry of Finance to improve their quality in facing challenges

Challenges are constantly changing, so that state finances will continue to be required to respond and therefore we must continue to change

Jakarta ( – Minister of Finance (Menkeu) Sri Mulyani asked Ministry of Finance (Ministry of Finance) employees to continue to improve their quality by continuing to learn, not giving up easily, and always being sincere in every task in facing various challenges.

Issues regarding geopolitical tensions, pandemics, climate change, as well as the rapid development of digital technology, including developments artificial intelligenceis currently still the biggest challenge that is being faced by Indonesia and even the world.

“Challenges continue to change, so that state finances will continue to be required to respond and therefore we must continue to change. Change is good because change is because we learn,” Sri Mulyani said at the Townhall Meeting of the Ministry of Finance’s Directorate General of Budget (DJA), as quoted from an official statement in Jakarta, Friday.

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Not only that, the Minister of Finance also said that there are still other challenges that Indonesia has, which includes equity in all aspects, especially the infrastructure gap which is still very large because Indonesia’s territory is very wide and has many islands.

Even so, Indonesia also has the advantage of having a relatively young demographic population, especially when compared to neighboring countries such as Korea, Japan and China which are continuously experiencing population declines.

Therefore, the younger generation must be provided with education, build character, educate, train their abilities, maintain immunity, and be immunized so that they are not susceptible to various diseases.

Sri Muyani also appealed to all levels of DJA to be good inspirations and dynamics in managing the budget, continue to develop self-competence, think strategically, professionally, be enthusiastic at work, and continue to innovate and be creative in dealing with increasingly complex global economic dynamics to make Indonesia better.

“Become a DJA that I can rely on so that you become one of the best solutions for the Indonesian people,” he said firmly.

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Reporter: Agatha Olivia Victoria
Editor: Ahmad Wijaya


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