Simple in the style of Buya Hamka, because desire is endless

Jakarta, – Simple does not mean synonymous with being stingy with oneself, but rather spending money according to one’s needs. Besides that, there are also many benefits of a simple life that can have a positive impact on our personal finances.

Not a few famous figures who are successful and have a simple lifestyle. For example, seasoned investors Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, to Lo Kheng Hong in Indonesia.

But this time we will learn the principles of a simple life from an Indonesian scholar, philosopher and writer, who has also been involved in politics.

Some of his well-known works are Tafsir Al Azhar, the novel The Drowning of the Van der Wijck Ship, and the classic literary work entitled Under the Protection of the Ka’Bah. Who else if not Prof. Dr. H. Abdul Malik Karim Amrullah or who is often called Buya Hamka.

Reporting from Buya Hamka’s book entitled Philosophy of Life, there are several reviews about simple life that are interesting for you to know, along with the reviews.

Indulge in desire will not be endless

“Being able to eat twice a day, wearing clothes for two births, a house with enough air to live in, able to breathe air and move around, we can already live. It’s only lust that asks for more than that, so in meeting the necessities of life, people often forget to simplicity.”

Here are a few excerpts from the book Philosophy of Life written by Buya Hamka. In the book, Buya Hamka also said that in fact humans are the same, but what makes the difference is their will.

From this writing, Buya Hamka also reiterated that the more you indulge in your passions or desires, the things will never end.

“Animals when their stomachs are full, will continue to sleep, rest. But humans, even though they are rich, get richer, they are increasingly unhappy with their lives. Even more greedy and greedy, more affectionate will be divorced from wealth.”

Buya Hamka wrote that human beings can be better than angels or worse than animals when it comes to dealing with lust.

When it comes to financial planning, lust or desire is something that must be controlled. Because if not, this can have a negative impact on your finances.

Simple life will be farthest from debt

“If humans can live a simple life, surely their blood will not pound anymore. Life is not simple to open the door to debt. When you are in debt, during the day you cannot see people’s faces, and at night, your chest is pounding. How many people have actually sleeping hiding himself in the house, even though the collector was going back and forth outside the house collecting receivables.”

Regarding debt, Buya Hamka also wrote interesting things for you to know. According to him, making debt is clearly easier than paying it, therefore a husband and wife must agree on a simple life.

Just imagine what would happen if in one household, one partner adopted a simple life and another was extravagant? It could be, household finances fall apart and can eventually lead to household rifts.

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