Similar to Swita Glorite, this is a trick for insurance agents to deceive customers

Jakarta, – Sinarmas Insurance Marketing Agent MSIG Swita Glorite Supit, who is currently in prison, suddenly went viral after the case of policy fraud committed by him came out to the public. Customer losses as a result of their deceitful actions reached IDR 200 billion.

With the existence of cases that befell life insurance companies ranging from defaults to falsification of policies, it is very feared that the public will become increasingly antipathy with financial products that are actually important to have to protect savings.

An observer and practitioner in the life insurance industry, Susatyo Widodo, revealed that there is a common mode used by rogue insurance agents in Indonesia to harm customers. Of course, this must be known by prospective customers who want to buy insurance.

The mode in question is that the agent requests a transfer of premium payment money to the customer, and takes the money away.

“In life insurance, prospective customers are required to pay (the premium) first and then the insurance company will issue the policy. Often, because of too much trust in agents, especially agents who are experienced, have names and positions, this is often the start of action. this,” said Susatyo when contacted by Research, (4/5).

Susatyo revealed, there are two things that the first agent often does are embezzlement and fraud.

“Embezzlement is committed the first time a customer makes an application for an insurance product and deposits money at the agent. Unfortunately, the agent does not forward the money to the insurance company and takes the money away. In this case, there will be no policy that will be accepted by the customer because there is no there’s money coming into the insurance company.” Susatyo added.

Meanwhile, fraud is committed when customers pay premium contributions to extend the insurance period through agents. Unfortunately agents who do not continue payments will make the customer’s policy lapse (insurance protection is no longer active) in the following year.

To be wary of that, here are tips on how to safely pay your first life insurance premium.

Do not want to transfer to the agent’s account

“The transfer should be to the insurance company’s account, not to the agent’s account. Usually, transfers to agent accounts often occur in the area (outside Jakarta), due to high trust in the insurance agent concerned,” said Susatyo.

The premium payment process can actually be done in various ways either by direct transfer to the company or by credit card. Make the payment you are most comfortable making.

Make sure you accept the policy

After receiving the policy, ask the insurance agent to explain the contents of the policy to you. Remember that life insurance is a financial product that is intended to protect your finances in the long term.

Make sure you understand very well what are the benefits of these products.

Don’t believe promises

“Avoid believing in promises about guaranteed returns (return on investment or savings) that are guaranteed in insurance. When you find writing in brochures about this, ask your insurance agent to explain and show these provisions in the policy,” he added.

You also have to ensure that the yield is reasonable in the sense that the amount does not exceed the state securities (SBN) if the insurance you choose is endowment (dwiguna).

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