Selling car wrecks like Via Vallen, how much is the cash?

Jakarta, – Via Vallen’s post, which intended to sell the car wreck that was burned by fans three years ago, suddenly went viral and reaped pros and cons. The question also arises, are car wrecks actually selling well?

After maintaining this car wreck for almost 3 years because I love Bismillah, I decided to sell this car so that it can be more useful For those who are interested, you can contact this number +62 821 40092997, thank you,” said the caption on Via Vallen’s personal Instagram post, (21/4).

Some netizens questioned Via Vallen’s decision about selling this car wreck.

Some even suggested donating it to a foundation, some suggested selling it to Madura, some were protesting against this decision because the car wreck was of no use.

Car wrecks, used collisions, abandoned, or those that have been burnt can still be sold. The place that can accommodate car wrecks is junkyard.

Junkyard it does look like a car graveyard, and this place is still visited by automotive enthusiasts who are looking for car components that are still usable.

Junk goods are sold obliquely

As reported in detikOto Last 2018, the profit from selling the junk was quite diverse, but certainly did not reach IDR 10 million per car.

Even so, there are hundreds of car wrecks to be found in junkyard that’s what makes this business can generate huge profits.

Traders also sell car wrecks in two forms, some in the form of whole cars and some in pieces.

“When it comes to profit, we go up and down, at least one car can get 500 thousand if it is sold whole, if it has been cut it can be more, one car will arrive at Rp. 2 million, but yes, it’s not certain that it continues,” said Kholik, a car dealer who has been involved in this activity since 1998, as quoted by detikOto.

Sometimes people buy car wrecks that can be used for other things, for example, to be modified as odong-odong and so on.

Even though the profit is quite high, remember that the car wreck business is not as easy as turning your palm.

Selling one car wreck like Via Vallen obviously won’t generate big profits because the selling price of the car wreck is very skewed, you have to collect a lot of car wrecks first and choose the right place to sell it.

Besides that, the risk of work accidents from this business is also quite high because when you are in the process of cutting components, you can get a fire if you do it yourself.

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