Selling & Becoming a Driver, Here’s How Andhara Early Connects Life

Jakarta, – Andhara Early and her husband Bugi Ramadhana’s decision to resign from work without getting a new job turned out to have a serious impact on the family’s finances. In order to make a living, Andhara and her husband are willing to sell sushi and become school pick-up drivers.

“We are still trying to find new income, my husband has not been able to (work) for a year, I have (interviewed) in several companies but no one has passed and is happy, so we have to make a new plan, we can’t expect from yesterday. “For example, if you can (work) in the near future, thank God, if for example you don’t, you have to have a new plan. What’s the new plan? Yes, have you done something you are passionate about that can generate money,” said Andhara in the Cuap Cuap Cuan Podcast (5/5) .

Andhara said that because his son likes Japanese food, namely sushi, he decided to sell sushi at his child’s school.

“My son likes to eat sushi, instead of buying it for my own child, I finally offered it to other mothers. Finally, I sold it and put it in the school canteen,” he continued.

Reportedly, Andhara sells the sushi at a very low price, Rp. 7,000 per box (filling five). Even though it is considered a dime, at least the Andhara family can get income from this activity.

Apart from selling sushi, Andhara also said that he offered a pick-up service for children at his son’s school using his private car.

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Don’t be prestige

Despite his celebrity status, Andhara said that he was not proud to do this because of economic conditions. He also enjoys doing this because what he does for a living has an element of mutual help.

Call it like shuttle business or about selling sushi.

Minimize expenses

In his activities selling sushi to school children, Andhara chooses to sell them in the canteen rather than opening his own outlet.

With a point-of-sale system, there are no additional costs that Andara has to incur. The profit margin that can be obtained will also be thicker.

Must be Happy

Andhara also emphasized that whatever job choices are made to make a living when you lose your income, you have to do it with a happy feeling. Because with that feeling of joy, you become unburdened and can think clearly about the steps to be taken going forward.

That’s why Andhara chose to follow what is her passion.

The decision to resign from the startup company that used to be his workplace was also based on the factor of inner peace.

Start with small capital first

“(Whatever business you’re going to be involved in), start with a small capital first and then look at the progress. Many who want to grow up first end up not doing anything,” added Andhara.

Andhara’s sushi business also has a small capital, and so does his income. But Andhara admitted that it was not without reason.

The price of sushi is actually cheap because the target market for the sushi he makes is school children with limited pocket money.

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