Seeing the Amount of Salary of the 13 Civil Servants Disbursed in June 2023


The government will disburse wages the 13th Civil Servants (civil servant) in June 2023. Minister of Finance (Minister of Finance) Sri Mulyani said the amount of salary for the 13 civil servants was one times the basic salary plus the allowance attached to the salary, in accordance with Government Regulation (PP) Number 15 of 2023.

“PP Number 15 of 2023 also regulates the 13th salary. The 13th salary will be paid starting June 2023. The components are the same as this year’s THR,” Sri Mulyani said last Wednesday (29/3).

“PMK for THR and the 13th salary which comes from the APBN for the central government. Meanwhile for the APBD, regional governments need to issue regional head regulations to be able to implement PP No. 15 of 2023,” he continued.

Based on the regulation, the salary components for the 13 civil servants vary. In article 6 it is explained that the 13th salary sourced from the State Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBN) consists of a basic salary, family allowance, food allowance, position allowance or general allowance, and 50 percent performance allowance according to rank, position, position rank, or job class.

Meanwhile, the 13th salary component comes from the Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBD), namely basic salary, family allowance, food allowance, position allowance or general allowance, an additional income of up to 50 percent is received in one month.

For local government agencies that provide additional income, they must pay attention to the ability of the regional fiscal capacity. In addition, it must be in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations and in accordance with the rank, position, rank of position, or class of office.

Meanwhile, the amount of the basic salary of civil servants is regulated in PP Number 15 of 2019. The following is the amount of the basic salary of civil servants in the regulation:

Group IA: IDR 1,560,800-IDR 2,335,800
IB group: IDR 1,704,500-IDR 2,472,900
IC group: IDR 1,776,600-IDR 2,577,500
ID group: IDR 1,851,800- IDR 2,686,500

Group IIA: IDR 2,022,200-IDR 3,373,600
Group IIB: IDR 2,208,400-IDR 3,516,300
IIC group: IDR 2,301,800-IDR 3,665,000
IID group: IDR 2,399,200-IDR 3,820,000

Group IIIA: IDR 2,579,400-IDR 4,236,400
Group IIIB: IDR 2,688,500-IDR 4,415,600
Group IIIC: IDR 2,802,300-IDR 4,602,400
Group IIID: Rp. 2,920,800-Rp. 4,797,000

Group IVA: IDR 3,044,300-IDR 5,000,000
Group IVB: IDR 3,173,100-IDR 5,211,500
IVC class: IDR 3,307,300-IDR 5,431,900
IVD group: IDR 3,447,200-IDR 5,661,700
IVE group: IDR 3,593,100-IDR 5,901,200

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