Saving Antam’s Gold for a Pension Fund, How Much Is the Money?

Jakarta, – Gold has indeed become one of the investment instruments that is quite profitable. Gold prices that rise in the long term can certainly be used to help you realize your dreams or financial goals.

But is it possible for us to invest by buying gold to collect retirement funds in old age?

The answer is of course you can, but are you quite satisfied with the return on gold investment? This answer may be different for everyone.

How much is the return on Antam’s gold investment a year?

Based on information from the website and several other sources, the price of gold in April 2013 was still priced at IDR 474 thousand per gram. Meanwhile, even though the purchase price of gold has exceeded IDR 1.07 million, the buyback price is still IDR 968 thousand.

If in 10 years, the increase in gold prices reached 103.3% per year. However, if calculated on a CAGR basis from April 2013 to April 2023, the annual increase in gold prices is 7.3%.

In fact, yields of 7.3% per year are not much different from yields on state bonds. However, the difference is that gold returns are not fixed income and are not guaranteed.

It is important for you to buy other investment instruments as diversification.

Buy gold with a capital of IDR 1 million per month, how much do you get for retirement?

Let’s just say, someone saves gold through gold savings with a capital of IDR 1 million every month. If he has 20 years to invest, then this is how the simulation looks like.

Table: Research

If the annual yield is 7.3%, then in 20 years the total gold value that you own will reach IDR 530 million.

Do you think Rp. 530 million is enough for a pension fund? If it is felt to be lacking, then there is nothing wrong with spending even more money so that the returns you get can be even greater.

What about gold bars for retirement?

Gold savings, digital gold, and real bars are good for use as long-term investments. One great thing about gold bars is that they are cheap to buy if you buy larger sizes.

The factor that causes the cheap purchase price is due to the low production factor.

But know that buying gold bars must be prepared with risks, especially if not the risk of being lost due to theft or damage.

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