Sandiaga Uno Was Having Difficulty, Just Thinking About Buying Milk for Children

Jakarta, – Famous for his work in the world of business and investment and pocketing a total wealth of IDR 10.9 trillion, it turns out that the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, has had a hard life.

This was due to his mistake in investing and termination of employment (PHK).

“I lost all of that (during the monetary crisis), I was laid off, in the end I was forced to become an entrepreneur in finance and investment. Starting in the field of financial consulting, providing financial consulting services for companies that needed restructuring, divestment, monetization, investment,” said Sandiaga, on the Cuap Cuap Cuan Podcast (8/5).

Sandiaga told about his career journey from being an employee to finally becoming an investor. One of the reasons he experienced financial problems was the 1998 monetary crisis.

When asked about investing while still an employee, Sandiaga said that he had already started investing.

“There were (investments), but yes, when the monetary crisis was all gone. At that time (in the 1990s), all assets were risky assets (all risky assets) because Asia, right, was all broken. And because I was still young and I still dared to invest with margin, So those assets were all collateralized (collateral) and all of them were executed by the banks because the drop was below 50%, that was a lesson for me,” he added.

From there, finally, Sandiaga learned a lot about investing. He also changed his investment strategy.

“I don’t want to speculate anymore, I promised myself, I don’t want to make it difficult for my family, because at that time, instead of paying rent, we had to pack up and live at our parents’ house because we couldn’t afford it (to pay for life). And, to buy milk children also think at that time,” Sandiaga added.

The younger the age, the more aggressive the investment

The younger you are, the more time you actually have to collect money to live in old age. So it’s not surprising that investing in risky instruments that can generate fantastic profits is often the choice.

The decision to use margin, as was done by Sandiaga, was meant to increase the yield. Financial independence can also be achieved at a young age.

However, the greater the return on investment, the greater the risk that must be borne. Systemic risks such as the economic crisis actually made Sandiaga Uno lose everything in the era of the monetary crisis.

One lesson that can be drawn from this event is the importance of diversifying your investments and maintaining your cash reserves to mitigate potential risks.

Even though the greater the investment assets you have, the better you are at doubling your money, never forget about savings.

Current assets worth 15-20% of net worth must be owned so that we will have no trouble if there is an investment failure or loss of income.

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